Case Studies

Case Studies

Through case studies we explore the different types of projects we have undertaken. We highlight the client’s requirements, our approach towards the process and how we develop successful web products. These case studies provide an insight into the overall process of development and give a vivid picture of how we work as a team.


If you are looking to start your journey with us, these Case Studies will be a great source of information.
Let’s explore some of our recent Case Studies:


This is a platform for Data Scientists, Marketers, and anyone who wants to turn their Data into Meaningful Insights with Ease. The product engineering was based on the creation of many connectors by implementing various APIs and creating a Real-Time Data Pipeline which allows Real-time data to be fed into visualizing tools and data warehouses. Operating as an iPaaS platform, it offers an array of features that include AI powered predictive dashboards, real time custom dashboards,  forecasting metrics, and the ability to interface with numerous cloud applications. Furthermore, it supports connectivity with business intelligence tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, and others.

Challenges in b2b seller and buyer platform

B2B Ecommerce Marketplace with Negotiation & Escrow System

Setting up a robust and reliable B2B ecommerce platform for sellers and buyers with secure payment and seamless dispute resolution mechanism supported by AI.

Increasing conversion rate by using AI solution

Advertisement Efficiency & Conversion Rate Increase By AI

The Client presumed AI could help create a more predictable and scalable business model and wanted to prove this before going all in with a company-wide adoption.

Health & Fitness App For Building Predictive Analytics Module

Health & Fitness App For Building Predictive Analytics Module

The client strongly believed that personalized content is the game changer in health and fitness applications.

Metricoid case study of Roof measurement by drone

Digital transformation on drone based roof measurement and data capturing

Roof measurement has never been an easy affair for general people as well as the insurance companies and there are a lot of challenges in conventional approaches such as DYI drawing tools, satellite images, Aerial imagery etc. and they will not make any difference when time and quality of work are prime considerations.

metricoid case study of digital integration in existing system

Digital Integration In Existing Ecosystem To Enhance Productivity Of Logistic Company

Incorporating API-first digital integration in existing ecosystem of the logistic company to enhance productivity and beat competition.

Rental property management development banner

Rental property management development

This is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for the management of properties and property investments. The product engineering was based on the development of three portals; one for Super Admin, one for Landlords, and the third for Agents.

Documents & Records Management Platform Development

The task at hand was to develop a reliable, secure and scalable web application to store and maintain records and documents. It needed to be extensive, precise and detailed so that the process of handling documents like, ordering documents, picking up documents, as well as performing various other administrative tasks, could be done without any hassle or chaos. A systematic order was rather imperative.

AI-Powered Assessments with mTestHub: Metricoid’s Answer to Hiring Excellence

Developed out of necessity by Metricoid, mTestHub is a testament to innovation in the face of hiring challenges. This platform is a culmination of AI-enhanced tools and advanced assessment capabilities, offering businesses and educational institutions a streamlined approach to evaluate candidates and students effectively.

Crafting a Culinary Connection Platform for Chefs and Food Enthusiasts

Metricoid was approached to develop a mobile application that would make authentic food more accessible while providing chefs with a space to showcase their culinary talents and manage their business. The challenge was to design an intuitive and engaging platform that would serve dual purposes: a social space for food lovers to explore and interact with culinary content, and a business tool for chefs to present their menus, manage orders, and grow their customer base.

Revolutionizing Business Growth with a Custom Referral Program Application

Metricoid was entrusted with the development of a state-of-the-art referral app designed to invigorate the traditional referral process. This platform not only simplifies the creation and management of referral programs but also introduces a novel approach to incentivize and track customer and referrer engagement. By integrating advanced features such as QR code technology and real-time analytics, the app provides a seamless bridge between businesses, referrers, and customers, fostering a symbiotic ecosystem that rewards each participant and amplifies business growth.

 Health and Safety Training Platform

In collaboration with a client focused on health and safety training, we developed a comprehensive online platform designed to efficiently train individuals preparing for careers in the health and safety industry. This platform serves as a hub for training agencies to offer specialized courses, manage instructors, and track student progress. The client required a system that could handle multiple training agencies, provide comprehensive course management tools, and offer in-depth analytics on instructor effectiveness and student progress.

Revolutionizing E-commerce Shipping with an Advanced Plugin/Module.

Metricoid Technology Solutions embarked on a project to develop an innovative WooCommerce plugin and Magento module for a leading shipping and logistics company. The goal was to automate and streamline the shipping process for e-commerce businesses, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Patient Centric Health Record Platform.

Our client sought a solution to the fragmented nature of health record management. The challenge was to develop a system that was secure, user-friendly, and compliant with healthcare regulations, particularly HIPAA. We designed a comprehensive health records platform with distinct applications for patients, healthcare providers, and super admins. The Patient-Centric Health Records Platform, successfully addressed the challenges of fragmented patient data management. It empowered patients with control over their health data and streamlined the sharing process with healthcare providers.

Streamlining Insurance Claims for Healthcare Professionals

The insurance claim process for doctors in the US is often lengthy and complicated, involving the creation and submission of detailed patient notes and insurance claim forms. This not only burdens healthcare professionals but also potentially delays their payment, affecting the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery. In response to the complexities faced by doctors in the United States regarding insurance claims, we were approached to build a solution to streamline and simplify this process. Our objective was to develop a Software as a Service (SaaS) mobile/web application that leverages data science and machine learning to automate and expedite insurance claim processing.

Virtual Health Education and Event Management Platform

The challenge was multifaceted: to create a platform that not only served as an educational repository but also as a dynamic space for hosting diverse healthcare events. Responding to the evolving landscape of healthcare education, we developed an all-encompassing virtual health education and event management platform. This innovative solution is designed to bridge the knowledge gap for patients and healthcare professionals by providing an interactive and accessible space for health education and virtual event participation.

Integrated Telemedicine and EHR Platform

Our client faced challenges in delivering remote healthcare services due to the disjointed nature of existing telemedicine solutions and EHR systems. The need was for a unified platform that could facilitate easy and secure virtual consultations while providing instant access to comprehensive patient health records. In response to the growing demand for efficient remote healthcare services, we developed a cutting-edge telemedicine platform that integrates seamlessly with electronic health records (EHR). This solution was designed to meet our client’s need for a streamlined approach to conducting remote consultations and managing patient data effectively. Protection Status