Metricoid’s story behind successful customer retention and being partner in their journey of digital transformation


  • Company overview: Metricoid Technology Solutions Private Limited is a consulting and IT services company set up and run by a team of dedicated professionals with competencies and over 12 years of experience in the mentioned sector. Driven by the idea of providing affordable and cutting edge digital solutions that can help transform organisations for better and give them a competitive advantage in the industry.
  • Core values: Integrity and accountability, customer centricity and focus on the future are the core values that govern the organisation and its functioning.
  • Services offered: All sorts of digital and IT solutions such as Web and app development, Full stack development, Ecommerce platform development, SaaS solutions, 3D modelling and graphic designing, SEO and lead generation etc.
  • Our approach to every project or assignment is quite simplified and customer friendly.

All the proposals go through the initial phase of requirement analysis, done for free, where we understand the requirement of the client in depth. Then in the ideation phase, the cost and time estimation is done and after mutual agreement and acceptance, the project is kick started.

More than 100 projects have been successfully delivered to over 60 clients from various industries. Metricoid is versatile in providing solutions to all sorts of customers be it a startup or an established organisation.

Here are some of the handpicked projects worth highlighting, owing to the impact they have had in improving the business of the client and the amount of involvement we have had in delivering the solutions.

Japio: Data transformation application

About the client: Japio is a Data integration and transformation platform which integrates data from various sources and helps in its transformation, visualization and collaboration with all the team members of an organization. Everything is customized as per the requirements of the client and offers a much comprehensive and user friendly solution to data management


EUTradepoint: B2B marketplace

About the client: It is a growing B2B marketplace company to facilitate buying and selling between different companies or small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). It provides a platform for the producers and buyers to meet and find the best deals as per their needs. Business challenge faced by the client and solution offered: Creating


Certifly – Drone based roof measurement solution

About the client: Certifly is a company based on patented aerial imagery technology dealing with drone based roof measurement and data capturing services for roof insurance companies and individual customers.   Business challenge faced by the client: Lack of complete digital solution or platform including web and mobile application to take orders from various roof