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Industry: Recruitment, Education, AI-Driven Assessments, Remote Proctoring

Services: SaaS, iPaaS, Data
Transformation, AI/ML, Predictive Dashboards, Real-Time Dashboards & Data Pipeline

Year: 2023

Platform Overview

Developed out of necessity by Metricoid, mTestHub is a testament to innovation in the face of hiring challenges. This platform is a culmination of AI-enhanced tools and advanced assessment capabilities, offering businesses and educational institutions a streamlined approach to evaluate candidates and students effectively.


Metricoid faced a recurring challenge: finding the right talent. Despite numerous hiring cycles, the match between candidates’ skills and job requirements often fell short. Determined to refine the hiring process, Metricoid harnessed its technical expertise to create mTestHub, a platform that embodies the precision of AI with the depth of advanced assessment tools, revolutionizing candidate evaluation.

Key Benefits

The product developed was to be made customizable as per the requirements of the client, which will offer a much more comprehensive and user-friendly solution to data management contrary to conventional tools available in the industry. The System was to be made unique in the sense that

Automated Precision: Leveraging AI for automated screening, mTestHub swiftly and accurately ranks candidates.
Versatile Assessments: The platform's support for a wide array of evaluation methods ensures a comprehensive assessment of candidates' abilities.
Authentic Evaluations: mTestHub's live proctoring and anti-cheating measures uphold the integrity and fairness of every assessment.

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The Challenge

Before the advent of mTestHub, Metricoid faced significant hurdles in the evaluation process. Traditional methods of hiring and academic assessments were fraught with inefficiencies, including time-consuming processes, a lack of versatile testing options, and vulnerability to dishonest practices.

These conventional approaches often resulted in prolonged hiring cycles, inconsistent evaluation standards, and a failure to accurately identify candidates’ true capabilities. The absence of a robust, automated, and secure assessment platform was keenly felt, as it impeded the ability to make informed decisions swiftly.

The pressing need for a comprehensive solution that could automate precision in screening, offer versatile assessment tools, and ensure the authenticity of evaluations was clear. There was a demand for an innovative approach that could transform the landscape of hiring and examinations, aligning with the evolving expectations of a digital-first world.

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The Impact and Availability

The implementation of mTestHub was a game-changer for Metricoid, streamlining our hiring process and elevating the quality of our candidate selection. Recognizing the transformative power of mTestHub, we have made this innovative platform available to other companies and educational institutions. It is our belief that if mTestHub could significantly benefit Metricoid, it should also empower others to revolutionize their hiring and examination processes. Now, organizations worldwide can leverage mTestHub to ensure they are equipped with the best talent, just as we have.

The Solution

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Assessment Capabilities:
  • AI-Driven Automated Screening for precise candidate evaluation.
  • Skill-Based Evaluations to measure specific competencies.
  • AI-Powered Interviews to assess communication skills and body language.
  • Advanced Anti-Cheating Features to maintain assessment integrity.
Hiring Needs:
  • Auto Screening & Shortlisting to streamline candidate selection.
  • Wider Reach to access a global talent pool.
  • Efficient Interviews facilitated by AI insights and automated scheduling.
  • Post-Shortlisting Actions for further candidate evaluation.
  • Avoid Wrong Hires by combining AI insights with skill evaluations.
  • Integrated Calendar for simplified interview coordination.
Examination Platform:
  • Diverse Question Types to cater to various assessment needs.
  • Code Compiler Integration for seamless technical evaluations.
  • Live Proctoring Capabilities to ensure a secure testing environment.
  • Video Recorded Answer Submissions for comprehensive candidate evaluation.
  • Ensured Authenticity with robust anti-cheating measures.

Here’s a look at the solution’s architecture


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