Building SaaS Products is our specialty

You should consider SaaS development for your software products if you want to efficiently monetize your company concept with a continuous income stream. Software-as-a-service, also known as SaaS, on-demand, multi-tenant, or application-as-a-service software, is a game-changing software product that has freed us from the limitations of on-premises software systems. While traditional on-premises (“on-perm”) software requires installation on each and every computer system in an organization, SaaS applications do not.

Our specialists will create a scalable, secure, and lightning-fast SaaS platform that you can provide to your clients on a license-based pricing basis.

Get everything under one roof

We help you build robust and secured solutions or upgrade your on-premise product without making any sacrifices in your time-to-market. We take care of end-to-end development, design, testing, deployment and maintenance of the product

SaaS Product Conceptualization

Product Discovery

MVP & Fully Fledged Development

Progressive Web Application

Multi-tenant Architecture

Analytics and Data Management

Rapid Prototyping

On-going Support and Development

Helping innovators achieve goals through exceptional digital design


Case Study

Here is a SaaS product developed by us for data transformation, Real-time Data pipelines, and Visualization as requested by a top client.

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Road-Map for your SaaS Application Development



We’ll thoroughly understand your needs and requirements in order to design a perfect SaaS application that will fulfill all your expectations


Analyzing the references

Every month, a dozen SaaS products are released. We’ll do a thorough review of the references supplied and provide you with the best SaaS development services available.


Features & Functionalities

We’ll make a list of the features and functionalities you want in your SaaS application and offer you a well-organized document so you can see the big picture.

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UI/UX & Prototyping

Didn’t you say you didn’t want to be simply some other brick in the wall? From a design standpoint, our UI/UX professionals will ensure that your SaaS application is unique and appealing.


The Right Tech Stack

Our expert project managers will recommend the finest available technological stack that will meet all of your needs in establishing a top SaaS application, whether you have a technical background or not.

Want to future-proof your business?

Using SaaS technology might be your answer. Many tech giants believe it to be the future. Companies are switching to subscription- based business models, seeing the switch in the consumer demand. Features such as scalability, data security, seamless third party integrations and customer retention are adding to the popularity of SaaS and making it the next ‘big thing’.

Modern Requirements For Advanced SaaS Solutions

Based on our extensive experience of SaaS  development, Metricoid team builds robust and high-quality custom software-as-a-service platforms that meet all modern internet standards:

Metricoid modern requiredment of advance saas solution infographics

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