API (Application Programming Interface) refers to a particular set of protocols, standards, and certain tools that a programmer can use to amalgamate multiple applications.

  • They allow you to link one application to another application or platform.
  • They allow apps to communicate with one another.
  • APIs make development easier, and they also improve the overall user experience, making your application more popular and allowing users to access multiple applications.

Specialized APIs, in the modern era, are being used to improve advanced applications.

APIs come in a variety of orientations. They differ depending on the programming language used – procedural, object-oriented, etc. – for applications such as Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), for a web-based system or perhaps websites like Flipkart or eBay, for operating systems such as Debian, Linux, and Microsoft Windows, databases, various hardware components and for a software library.

There are three basic policies for publishing APIs: private (for internal usage), partner (for commercial partnerships), and public (for the general public).

Application Programming Interface

Why APIs are absolutely essential for business growth

Business Benefits Of Using APIs

Without having to create your own sophisticated algorithms, you can integrate your apps with third-party apps that provide real-time functionality or manage computations (this applies to finance, e-commerce, and other industries etc).

Use social information to boost your lead production or CRM apps (by co-relating email addresses against social media profiles).

Integration of web and mobile apps with cloud-based file storage.

To push files and retrieve data, integrate mobile apps with a remote backend.

First-class API Development & Integration Solutions by Metricoid

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Custom API Development

For online services, we develop unique APIs. We not only assist SaaS companies in integrating their services with those of their clients, we also build first-party APIs for internal use.

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Third-party API Integrations

For online services, we provide integration services via API. We deliver comprehensive support and implementation, as well as ensuring that the connections between services flow efficiently and securely.

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Payment API Integration

One of the most frequently used APIs is the payment API. We use the payment API to make the site’s payment procedure more secure and trustworthy.

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API Testing Automation

Metricoid is committed to top-notch quality and performance. We set up API integration platforms for testing, to assess and confirm their functionality, security, graphical interface, penetration, loading speed, and other factors. We run extensive tests and supervise automation procedures using well-known and trusted testing platforms.

Metricoid-API as service

API as a Service

API-as-a-service is one of our custom API developmental solutions and services. JSON,  HTTP/HTTPS, XML, XHTML, AJAX, and EDI solutions are available. Our comprehensive services now include HTTP/SOAP interfaces for executing API-based microservice architecture using custom business functionalities.

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Cloud API Development

Software can request data from services via a direct, indirect, vendor-specific, or cross-platform interface using cloud APIs. Metricoid’s API developers and administrators use cloud-based APIs to integrate applications into the cloud.

Begin your journey of efficient and dependable API Development Solutions from Experts!

Why Metricoid for your custom API development?

Our team of specialists provides scalable and versatile development solutions to match your business operations and requirements.

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We create a well-defined mission roadmap that takes into account all areas of your business and matches your objectives.

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Metricoid is known for its robust privacy standards and devoted services, which ensure that all of its clients’ sensitive information is kept secure and private.

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Competitive Pricing

We offer an inexpensive pricing strategy to meet your budget by leveraging the power of proven processes and adhering to best practices

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API Experts

Our team is made up of top-notch developers, designers, and managers with considerable experience with APIs and associated technologies.

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Ease Of Use

We provide thorough and organized  documentation, anticipate useful error messages, and provide high  availability for external developers to better comprehend, use, and integrate APIs.

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High reliability

We incorporated a performance monitoring and management feature into the solution architecture to tackle performance spikes and errors without causing any downtime.

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Metricoid 's Unique API Development Procedure



To interact with relevant data sources, we develop and formulate.



From the initiation stage to deployment, best protocols are followed.



With performance-adapting measures, we improve user experiences.

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Routing protocol and strict authentication.



The most up-to-date infrastructure that adheres to SLAs.

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