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Metricoid has been in the forefront of enterprise-class software development, delivering successful product releases. Product management, architecture, design, development, DevOps, testing, security, and a variety of other services are all part of our Product Development Services, which contribute to successful product deployment and releases. We work with product businesses to analyze market demands, develop and release their products, and create an ecosystem around them. Metricoid Product Development Services are used by high-tech companies to benefit from our domain expertise, scalability, and agility.

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Metricoid is a ‘Specialist at Scale’ partner for existing or new product line innovation and co-development. From design and development through rollout and execution, we are involved throughout the product life cycle. We develop highly relevant accelerators for our product engineering engagements by combining our delivery best practices with experience in cloud and cognitive technologies. These engagements are usually delivered using an agile development approach or a hybrid variation that is flexible and tailored to the unique business requirements.

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Offerings & Solutions

Product development consulting

Tell us about your concept, and one of our expert consultants will help you create a full roadmap and architecture that meets your company needs.

Product Re-Engineering/Application Modernization

Using new-age technology and current development techniques like agile and DevOps, you may make your old system data-driven, flexible, and automated.

Custom Software Engineering

We can produce scalable, business-centric, and digitally-enhanced products using our expertise designing solutions across industry verticals.

Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics

Integrate data analytics and business intelligence technologies to increase operational efficiency and make data-informed choices to become a data-driven firm

Enterprise Architecture

We design, build, and deploy complete enterprise systems as well as update existing ones, resulting in increased productivity, lower overhead, and lower operational expenses.

Product Maintenance

Businesses may operate without worry thanks to our round-the-clock support and guidance at every step of software development. This ensures excellent availability and accessibility.

Platform-base Product Development

Develop adaptable, scalable, and customised platform-based solutions with the underlying technological architecture and embedded technologies to meet ever-changing demands.

Saas Development

We design, build, test, and maintain SaaS applications using the right technology from getting to scaling, delivering robust, secure, and end-to-end SaaS applications.

Discovery Workshops

Our knowledgeable experts will help you verify your concept, establish scopes, create an initial roadmap that includes all aspects, and set business objectives.

Product Testing

Our QA team carefully evaluates and tests the product using contemporary automated methods before delivering it, as well as manually testing for performance, compatibility, and user experience.

UI UX Engineering

From wireframing through prototype to interaction designs, it stays ahead of the curve with interactive, attractive, responsive, and enterprise-grade designs, providing a consistent user experience.

Enterprise Mobility

By automating the procedure, generating data-driven choices, and improving business processes, our corporate mobility services may help you increase productivity, increase revenue, and improve customer experience.

Cloud Adoption

Migrate your system to the cloud for improved performance, speed, scalability, and continuous support, as well as lower overhead

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