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Metricoid-data harmonization

Data Harmonization

Even when data originates from a variety of unconnected sources, data harmonization makes it consistent and comparable. Make sure your data is ready for unsupervised, supervised, and advanced analytics.

Metricoid-Extract transform & load

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

To create high-quality data assets, customized ETL/ELT services combine domain and technological knowledge. Determine the most effective data extraction methods for your system, as well as data formats and structure that are in line with your company’s objectives.

Master Data Management

Provide data inside a firm with a single point of reference. The procedures, governance, rules, standards, and technologies that define and manage important data are referred to as master data management (MDM).


Data Quality

Data must be full, consistent, relevant, and accurate before it can be used to make choices. Better data quality translates to more accurate AI models, accurate analytics, and more dependable choices.

Metricoid-data model

Common Data Model (CDM)

Create a single source of truth for your company by organizing data into a consistent structure. Data from many databases is converted into a common format and then examined in a methodical manner.

Recent Client Success

Data Integration

Convert unstructured data into actionable business insights.
Alerts for leading and trailing indicators, as well as emergencies.
Create data pipelines in a matter of minutes. With zero latency, every input may be scaled to any size.
Convert ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) development in its into actionable business insights.
Data warehousing is a term used to describe the process of storing and analyzing
Gather information from a variety of sources.
Infographics of Data Integration Services

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Why Data Integration?

Collaborate Different Data Formats

Enable Multiple Data at Same Platform

Eliminate Bugs and Corrects Data

(Big Data Analytics, Cloud Integration, Business Intelligence )

Helps in Fundamental Data Processes

Integrates Different Database Structures and Models

Escalate your Project with Data Integration

In today’s data-driven world, when massive amounts of data are created every second, organizations demand a more reliable and capable platform to manage the many formats of data arriving from various databases throughout the world. Metricoid is always trying to improve its data integration skills, so it chose an open source software platform that is both quick and effective.

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