Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions determine how Metricoid uses and protects any information you provide when using Metricoid. Metricoid ensures that your personal data is protected.

What kind of information we need, and we may ask you to?

  • Name and City
  • Contact information, including email address and phone

Other information related to website development and all online marketing services

Why we need more information:

We require information about the development of websites and the online marketing services that we offer.

We use the information to make an offer for a service we offer.

We may email you special promotions and offers about the services we offer.

We contact you by email and phone regarding your inquiry.

Ownership of a website

  1. After ordering and finishing each web site, the customer automatically becomes its owner and administrator!
  2. The Site Owner (Administrator) is responsible for any third party claims made to information, content or images on his website.
  3. Metricoid is not responsible for any information, content or images contained in any web site we have made!

Information and personal data

Information that may be requested during the ordering and processing of your web site or another kind of web service you choose from Metricoid.

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