What Is Product Discovery?

To validate our clients’ ideas and establish a quick product/market fit, we use a set of attempted approaches. We build the product’s concept, identify and prioritize essential features, and develop a user-centered experience using an iterative, incremental method.

As a result, we can create an interactive prototype in a matter of weeks, allowing you to test and evaluate your idea with real people. We continue to collect user input after the release to work on new and improved versions

When creating a digital product or service, the ultimate goal is to provide value to consumers’ lives by making their daily routines easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

To design such a product, you must first understand what your clients require, how to address their problems in the appropriate manner, and how to give them a memorable experience.

We work closely with our clients to understand their business strategy, the problem they’re trying to address, and who their clients are, as part of our Product Discovery service.

Metricoid-Product Discovery Services

Why does your project need product discovery?

Starting with a product discovery strategy is not for everyone. Based on our experience, this technique works effectively for entrepreneurs that only have a product idea and want to pursue it.


Determining a target audience

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Reduce the price

Identifying & removing threads

Identifying and removing threats

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Get expert guidance and avoid rework

Incrementing product value icon

Incrementing product value

feature included in MVP

Determine which features should be included in the MVP

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Accelerating development

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Get a perfect budget estimate

Interested in collaborating with a Product Discovery Team?

Who is involved in Product discovery sessions?

Product Manager

We assist you in converting your requirements into precise releases that will assist product owners, project managers, developers, and testers through the software development process. We will provide you with a project estimate that will benefit you in determining the extent of your investment.

Technical Architecture

A Technical Lead and a Solution Architect will collaborate to help you define the technologies needed to build and sustain a scalable product that meets your long-term business requirements.

UI Designer

Our team of UI designers, illustrators, graphic developers and animators will build low and high fidelity mockups to help you make quick decisions about your product and provide design tools for the software development team to use later.

Recent Client Success

Product Discovery Phases with Metricoid?

We can clearly identify the project’s goals, scope of work, and limits, as well as assess business prospects and produce a solution vision, by collecting and evaluating information about your project, its market, and end users.
This stage is a strategy to deal with the uncertainty that comes with any project’s launch. It helps:

Establish a clear purpose and direction for the software delivery process.

Eliminate potential roadblocks and reduce hazards.

Build a roadmap for your product.

Develop a trustworthy relationship with a software development company.

What outcomes will you receive as a result of the project discovery?

Once the project discovery process is completed, you will receive a set of deliverables provided by the Metricoid team. These treasures will assist you in making the best judgments for your next product

Prototypes that can be clicked

One of the product discovery methods is in-depth UX research. As a result, we’ve formulated a series of clickable prototypes for the major pages that show real-world application user flow and functionality.

Estimation of Time and Cost

As one of the primary Project Discovery deliverables, you will receive a detailed estimate broken down by features and services and expressed in hours, including the price for the entire project development process.

Priority Features list

Our staff will look over your company’s goals and, based on our experience, provide a set of features for launching your product, as well as a list of vital features.

Product specification

This is a high-level structured document, outlining key product requirements and other vital factors for a project’s successful completion

Product design and Technical Stack

Our architects will look over your company’s objectives and, based on our previous expertise, recommend a set of features for launching your product, as well as a prioritized list of features.

Recommendations on Team Framework

Based on the project time estimate and delivery objectives, we’ll put together a team that includes backend, frontend, business analysts, project managers, UX/UI designers, QA, and DevOps engineers.

Why team up with Metricoid?

Research-centric approach

Conducting in-depth research from the outset of the product design process allows us to lay a firm basis for your product’s success and assists you in developing products that the market genuinely needs.

Mature workflow

We provide high-quality design solutions that suit user and business goals by following an agile methodology. Our well-developed approach enables us to complete your project on time and within budget.

Consistent communication

Our clients are always included in the process of product design. All project stakeholders maintain the same page by holding daily meetings and regular phone conversations. This assists you in avoiding unexpected outcomes.

Experienced team

We’ve designed amazing digital products for a variety of businesses. Happy clients and spectacular projects are proof of our success.

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