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To create a successful digital product, you must select the best web development partner. The right partner can leverage the most cutting-edge technology to create a safe, stable app with a great user experience. A web development company’s job is to find solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific business objectives. With the right web development services, you’ll be able to create a successful product from the scratch or improve the performance of an existing one, all while adapting in real time to your users’ and market’s changing needs.

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Achieve your goals with the best web development services

Metricoid-get a product that meets your expectations

Get a product that meets your expectations

We’ll question your assumptions, discuss solutions, and test your product with consumers to make sure it has the features they want – all in the hopes of helping you succeed with your product.

Metricoid-work with people you trust

Work with people you
can trust

Communicate with our app’s developers whenever you need to and feel like they’re just next door – even if they’re in a different time zone.

Metricoid-measure product success

Measure product

We’ll work with you to establish measurements and success criteria, and we’ll keep track of them right from the start. You choose what you want to do with your web app, and we’ll handle the rest.

Recent Client Success

Custom Web Development Step By Step

The goal is to provide immediate value to our clients. We are able to do so because we have an established and repeatable method for delivering high-quality web applications. Instead of wasting time re-designing the process, figuring out collaboration strategies, and deciding on communication channels, we concentrate solely on your objectives and business needs. From there, we can get right into development without having to worry about rework or quality concerns.

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After you submit your inquiry on the contact page, one of our Business Development Manager will contact you to set up a meeting. During this initial meeting, you will receive an independent assessment of your project, as well as answers to all of your questions about our developers and potential collaboration, as well as a plan for the next steps: a technical call and/or a scoping session.

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2.Scoping Session

Once we understand your goals and needs, we’ll schedule a meeting with the developers and delivery managers for you. You can make the most of it because the agenda and session length are always customized to your needs. Following this session, you will receive technology suggestions, project schedules, estimates, and a report that will assist you in planning your web app development, anticipating risks, and ensuring that your product succeeds.

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3.Scrum Development

It’s time to get down to business with your project! Whether you’re just starting out with a prototype or MVP, or you’re working on an existing product, we’ll help you get it done as efficiently as possible. We use Scrum methodology and plan sprints. After each sprint, you’ll have working parts that you can immediately test with your end users. You’ll have direct access to your web app developers and will be participating in the development of your app, all to keep you informed about the progress.

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4.Product Launch

We create products that we believe in, so your long-term success is our first priority. It is our first aim to provide your web application on time and on budget. Don’t worry, we won’t just hand you an application and tell you what to do with it! We’re here to help if you need support moving from your old platform, future app development, or app maintenance so we can continue working together.

Your Success Is Our Focus

Work with our highly experienced team to complete tasks more quickly. On each project, from small company websites to complex web apps, we use the most up-to-date technology and sophisticated skills. You’ll get access to one of the greatest web development teams in the industry, ready to design solutions that will help your company flourish.

Metricoid-seamless functionality

Seamless Functionality

Do you want your website to be a powerful tool that helps you run your business? This is exactly what we provide. We’ll create a scalable web platform to meet your company’s demands and add new features as it expands.

Easy To Manage

The administration of content will always be simple and straightforward. The site is completely under your control. You can manage your website to keep it up to date and relevant for clients regardless of how sophisticated your technological abilities are.

Metricoid-stand out from crowd

Stand Out From The Crowd

Select an ideal offshore development partner  for your project. At Metricoid, we do more than just design and development. Our UI/UX experts make sure your application is intuitive and user-friendly. We have a dedicated security team to ensure your software is highly secured.

Looking For Custom Web Development Services Provider?

Let's Brainstorm Together First

Starting a project is a big step, and picking the incorrect Tech partner may cost you months of rework and money. We’d like to welcome you to a half-day scoping session before assembling your web development team, regardless of whether you pick us or not. You’ll get an unbiased opinion on your project, as well as technology recommendations, a project timetable, and cost estimates. You’ll be able to plan the development of your web application using the scoping report.

How We Can Help?

Complete Project Delivery

You will be assigned a specialized team to handle the whole product delivery process. Your application is Designed, Coded, QA, Launched and Maintained by us.

Team Extension

If your team’s workload is heavy or you require knowledge of a technology that your team is unfamiliar with, this is the ideal option. We will assign one of our top developers to work with your team.

MVP for Startups

We design and develop your MVP using our startup experience so you can test your company concept with an actual product.

UX Research

We assist you in learning more about your users, identifying potential rivals, and identifying market gaps.

UX Planning

To improve the quality and usability of your product, we build user personas and construct user journeys.

UI Design

Your product is fully designed by us. Our design team develops code-ready designs, which helps to accelerate the technological implementation.

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