AI & ML are poised to cause a radical shift in the field of technology. It’s fast becoming a key consideration in every business initiative.

At Metricoid, we are committed to create true solutions using AI. We help to make sure that investment in AI solutions yields an incomparable return on investment. We brainstorm to proffer key AI & ML solutions across all business development pipelines, from defining the platform framework to model development, evaluation, and eventually deploying the foremost effective model across the organisation.

VISA using Artificial Intelligence

Offerings & Solutions

We offer top-notch consulting & development services in AI that might not only help you ease your business but also culminate by helping in business growth and development. Among other things, you’ll begin to ascertain the various opportunities AI provides to unravel multifaceted business problems.

AI and ML consulting pipeline

From Conceptualization to Execution begin your AI/ML journey with a solid foundation through proper problem modeling. We identify the adequate AI/ML solutions that might best work for you and your business.

Explainable AI

We don’t just offer AI solutions that are just mere black boxes that throw out output. You furthermore may get the rationale behind the AI recommendations and why you ought to take them.

Intelligent Document Analytics

Get insights from unstructured data during a go and switch them into assets within a couple of seconds.

Conversational Platform

Operationalize AI-powered to nurture and shut off your prospects with practically no physical input whatsoever.

Recent Client Success

Your Technical Partner

Building and deploying an AI solution are often a struggle and that’s why you’ll need technical assistance. Our team of experts is on ground to supply value-laden advice on the implementation of AI to your business.

At Metricoid, we identify the method and specialise in your needs, building a system round the absolute best solutions. We are keen on clear and honest communication. This way, we’ll build a partnership, with our team working in consonance with yours to create an impeccable AI-powered solution that meets your expectations and drives business growth.

Sounds interesting?

We are here to be an extension of your team to power your products to a whole new level through AI.

Custom AI & ML Development Process

AI & ML  We meet

We begin by having a strong knowledge of your business, your short and long-term goal, your audience , and your market. We get answers to critical questions which will reveal vital bedrocks of your business and better identify the basis causes of the issues to unravel.

AI & ML  We extract

We take an in-depth study into the available data sources and develop a functioning data pipeline to form it readily available. Going forward, we feature a radical data analysis procedure during a bid to extract key insights. We define key performance indicators to possess a transparent road map to trace to realize your end goal.

AI & ML   We deliver

Our team of experts works around the clock to distill the foremost valuable solution to your problem with the refined data. and that we roll in the hay during a matter of days. We create a functioning machine learning pipeline which will make intelligent decisions supporting the refined training data, making your workflow more efficient and productive.

AI & ML  We optimize

We deploy the answer into production and monitor in real-time the performance of the solutions. Our team of experts keeps on expanding their knowledge to get the newest and therefore the most optimal solutions. We update our deployed solutions to reflect the newest market trends and apply the simplest practices within the industry.

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