Our Hiring Models

Metricoid offers full-time, part-time, and hourly employment for specialized development projects to satisfy a variety of project demands for any size of business. Examine the engagement models that result in various business demands being addressed.

Full Time

  • 8 hours/day
  • 5 days/week

Part Time

  • 4 hours/day
  • 5 days/week

Hourly Basis

  • 40 hours to begin with
  • Pay according to work done

Dedicated team on-site

To bridge gaps in the development process, we provide onsite staffing services. During the development life cycle, our involvement at client sites can be periodic, frequent, or full-time.

Dedicated team off-site

Select professionals from our team and form your own crew to get the project up and running as quickly as feasible. With expert guidance via a cloud team, you may have complete control over your staff.

Product Development experts

This is nothing more than supplementing your existing team with our qualified professionals who provide support for your product’s release by coordinating technical aspects and process flow.

Services we offer

Web & Mobile Application Services

As a leading software development firm, we have extensive experience working with cutting-edge technology to create custom web and mobile solutions.

E-Commerce Services

We’re a top eCommerce development firm that creates stunning and secure apps for the best online shopping experiences.

Full Stack Development

We have competent, professional resources who, we ensure, are familiar with the full variety of skill sets that our clients may require.

UI-UX Design

A user-friendly online and mobile app that blends a gorgeous interface with an efficient user experience.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Launch

Are you planning to establish a business? With an economically built Minimum Viable Product, you can validate your idea while also reducing expenses.


Our DevOps culture makes use of automation and the cloud to speed up deployment and improve efficiency.

Perks of Choosing Metricoid's Top Developers


Professional Team members with a wealth of expertise.


There is no obligation. You are free to work with us as long as required.


Use of the most advanced project management software available.


  Extensive control over projects.


NDA — non-disclosure agreement to keep your client’s information private.


Quick turn-around.


 Direct conversation.


      100% Transparent procedure.


  Adjustable pricing models.

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 Ethical approach, with focus on end results.

Now is the time to form your own development team.

Everything begins with a friendly greeting! We are committed to providing a solid foundation for your business idea with ZERO upfront investment. Working with our professionals will leave you speechless.

Our technological skills

Using contemporary and cutting-edge technology, provide comprehensive IT solutions. We use a variety of app development technologies, structures, platforms, and software design patterns to provide our clients with cost-effective and scalable IT services and solutions that help them create innovation and business value. To hire a dedicated developer, please contact us.

PHP7 & Frameworks






Zend Framework

Fuel PHP


Python & Frameworks









Javascript & Frameworks









Ecommerce & CMS















Our Expert Resource Pool enables a faster time-to-market.

You’ll collaborate with professionals who are familiar with your company’s difficulties, technology requirements, and, most importantly, your work culture. So hurry up and hire a team of devoted programmers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should you engage a team of dedicated web developers?

If you want your project delivered quickly and with the highest possible quality, hiring professional web developers who will work entirely on your project and offer quicker results is a good idea.

When I outsource, what happens to my data?

Remote recruits sign an NDA to keep your data safe and secure, as we place a great value on it.

Will I be able to get discounts if I need a large group?

We may be able to give discounts based on your needs. We do not, however, have a regular deal for the same.

What are the criteria for hiring a web development firm?

A web development firm should have the following qualities:

  •  At least 5 years of experience in the industry
  •  Have created at least 200 apps.
  •  A development team comprising about 300 people.
  •  Clients from more than ten different countries.

If all of these criteria are met, it is safe to engage web and mobile developers from that company.

What should I look for in an Android developer in terms of experience?

You can easily discover Android developers with more than 5 years of expertise because Android has been around for more than a decade. However, if an Android developer has 3+ years of high-quality experience, he can easily create an Android app.

In terms of security, how good is the PHP programming language?

As a backend language, PHP provides a robust authentication scheme. Although PHP is not the most secure programming language, it does provide a sufficient amount of capabilities to safeguard an application.

Do you provide software developers' resumes before hiring them?

Yes, when you hire software engineers online from us, we supply a thorough résumé. You may then choose the best software developers for your project based on their expertise and skills.

Will you change my developer if I'm unhappy with the results?

Yes. If we notice a performance issue with your developer, we will immediately replace them

How do you find a low-cost application development team?

If you’re looking to hire web developers but have a limited budget, a mid-sized Indian web development firm is the way to go. We are a web development firm based in India with over a decade of expertise in providing exceptional service to international clients.

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