Leveraging API integration towards digital transformation

Metricoid-Leveraging API integration towards digital transformation

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are very important parts of any digital architecture and IT strategy owing to their contribution in emerging IT trends that enable digital transformation. Primarily APIs are used in enabling connection and interaction between different platforms in a given interface although their underlying components might be different. Use of APIs have greatly simplified the way users access, interact and share data and functions within a company.

Because of various advantages offered by API integration and implementation, digital transformation becomes comprehensible in the most seamless manner, given the fact that there are innumerable changes and transformations happening with each progressing day in the digital world. To catch up with the trend and gain competitive advantage over others. Read this blog to know more about importance of API integration with respect to web development specifically: Web development trends to incorporate in 2021

In this article we will highlight some of the important ways through which API integration can be leveraged to open doors to digital transformation in a company using SaaS applications for internal usage or Web or App solutions to ensure interaction and data sharing with the customers and stakeholders.

Developing a successful API strategy

As API development is an integral part of the digital transformation journey and has a significant impact on driving new innovation, new products, new revenue sources and new marketplace, it is very important to not take the process of strategizing the development plan lightly. A lot of companies struggle if there is lack of experience and expertise in the strategic team. Similar to starting a new business or a startup, API development also requires careful planning and strategy which can be broadly described in terms of:

  • Identifying the right business goal and aligning to it
  • Understanding the existing resources in place and additional support technology needed
  • Quantifying the complexity and performance of the technology with time-frame
  • Identifying the target audience and endpoints where user interaction is involved

Finding the right partner to assist in API integration and implementation

Once the strategy is prepared, find the right team or digital solution partner to help you out in implementation of the strategy and test the efficiency of the system before it is up and running. Major challenge lies in finding the authentic and genuine service providers from numerous companies and entities promising unrealistic facts and figures.

Going through the company portfolio, checking the viability of the team to handle the scale of your strategy, meeting with the team and verifying their expertise and experience through past clients and testimonials, evaluating the projects that have been successfully implemented in other companies by them are some of the ways by which the service provider can be trusted and be given the responsibility.

Incorporating necessary strategic changes

During integration of proposed strategy, definitely some practical challenges and difficulties will be experienced which need to be incorporated and accommodated appropriately. Changes in the API strategy, changes in existing resources or architecture, adding or replacing tools and technologies in use while striking out proper balance between return against the tradeoff and economic viability of the incorporation is very important.

Ensuring awareness of the importance of API integration and the benefits of it amongst key stakeholders

To ensure smooth transition within the organization and effective implementation of the strategy, it is important for the company to make sure people at all levels are made aware of the importance of the digital transformation the company is aiming for and how the necessary API integration can play an important role in achieving the same. There will undoubtedly be many oppositions from people and it is equally important to listen to them, take their feedback and either consider the feedback in the transformation strategy or make them gain an alternate perspective which was missing previously. At the same time it is very helpful to encourage the supporters and help them develop a winning environment by spreading positive word of mouth and awareness of the incoming benefit.

Testing and running trial of the strategy

Once the strategy is implemented successfully, testing the API integration and its functionality at different scales and teams within and outside the organization if possible, is very much required. A lot of loopholes and subtle hurdles might go unnoticed and pose major challenges in full scale operation if the test and trial of the technology is not done with utmost seriousness.

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