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API (Application Programming Interface) refers to a particular set of protocols, standards, and certain tools that a programmer can use to amalgamate multiple applications.

1. They allow you to link one application to another application or
2. They allow apps to communicate with one another.
3. APIs make development easier, and they also improve the overall user
experience, making your application more popular and allowing users to
access multiple applications.

Specialized APIs, in the modern era, are being used to improve advanced applications.

APIs come in a variety of orientations. They differ depending on the programming language used – procedural, object-oriented, etc. – for applications such as Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), for a web-based system or perhaps websites like Flipkart or eBay, for operating systems such as Debian, Linux, and Microsoft Windows, databases, various hardware components and for a software library.

Leveraging API integration towards digital transformation

Metricoid-Leveraging API integration towards digital transformation

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are very important parts of any digital architecture and IT strategy owing to their contribution in emerging IT trends that enable digital transformation. Primarily APIs are used in enabling connection and interaction between different platforms in a given interface although their underlying components might be different. Use of APIs have greatly

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