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API integration and Development tools to build REST APIs

API Integration and development tools

Introduction Since most microservices projects employ APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), organizations are shifting to the Microservices Architecture paradigm to thrive in their software product initiatives. We live in an age where end-users who rely on programs for their needs expect quick outcomes or services. To deliver and receive information, many APIs use REST protocols via

How API Integration is revolutionizing Finance Industry

Metricoid-How API Integration is revolutionizing Finance Industry

The banking and financial sector is undergoing enormous digital transformations, particularly in the aftermath of the epidemic. New digital regulations, need for contact-less onboarding and increase in per capita transaction all have contributed towards expedition of digital transformation in the sector. While the majority of significant corporations have quickly reacted to the need for transformation,

Leveraging API integration towards digital transformation

Metricoid-Leveraging API integration towards digital transformation

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are very important parts of any digital architecture and IT strategy owing to their contribution in emerging IT trends that enable digital transformation. Primarily APIs are used in enabling connection and interaction between different platforms in a given interface although their underlying components might be different. Use of APIs have greatly Protection Status