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Industry: Marketing, Data Science, Data Engineering, Predictive Analysis, Data Transformation, Predictive Dashboards

Services: SaaS, iPaaS, Data
Transformation, AI/ML, Predictive Dashboards, Real-Time Dashboards & Data Pipeline

Year: 2022

Product Engineering

This is a platform for Data Scientists, Marketers, and anyone who wants to turn their Data into Meaningful Insights with Ease. The product engineering was based on the creation of many connectors by implementing various APIs and creating a Real-Time Data Pipeline which allows Real-time data to be fed into visualizing tools and data warehouses. Operating as an iPaaS platform, it offers an array of features that include AI powered predictive dashboards, real time custom dashboards,  forecasting metrics, and the ability to interface with numerous cloud applications. Furthermore, it supports connectivity with business intelligence tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, and others.


The client is a SaaS Company who came up with this platform idea we helped in developing. A platform that helps Marketers, Data Scientists, Data Analyst, Data Engineers, companies and basically anyone get more (Actionable insights, Real-time analysis etc.) out of their raw data. A platform where data can be transformed and fed to various Visualization tools or Data warehouses. This platform will be enhanced with a real-time custom dashboard feature where real-time reporting can be made available to decision makers.

Key Benefits

The product developed was to be made customizable as per the requirements of the client, which will offer a much more comprehensive and user-friendly solution to data management contrary to conventional tools available in the industry. The System was to be made unique in the sense that

It could Automate reporting and uncover new insights
Required no coding ability at all, thereby empowering business users and non-IT personnel to work directly with our iPaaS solution
It could Connect with all data sources, visualization tools, and Data Warehouses, all in one platform.

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The Challenge

Getting Real-time data visualization via real-time pipeline was one my client noticed many of his customers lacked. He also noticed the problem many of his customers encountered in getting real-time data customized or transformed towards a particular goal, so as to ensure branding, and make more accurate data-driven decisions.

The client saw these real-time data deficiencies as a problem and thought of a solution to help his customers. He came up with a data transformation business solution to solve all data related problems faced by his current millions of customers, and in extension every other person who would want a more advanced tool for Real-time Data management.

product development for data transformation case study challenges

Building Proof Of Concept

Unlike any other tool available, we had to provide a unique technology to the client company, which could integrate almost all types of data sources used by any company today, allowing you to transform, visualize, and analyze multiple data sources as well as share real-time analysis with stakeholders in the most user-friendly interface possible. Understanding the business requirements in depth was a major problem. Our researchers took their time to write out each demand in great detail and pass it on to the appropriate developers. Asides that, testing the product and addressing defects within the time frame was a significant issue. It all ended great though as we were able to achieve success with the project.

The Solution

product development for data transformation solution
An API based Data Source connector: that connects with more than 100 data sources, uses automation to pull the data from different sources and ingest them to the database, thereby eliminating manual coding work, resulting in a lot of time saved, error prevention and continuous operation of servers 24/7.
Integrated Data Warehouses: A Real-time Data Pipeline is created between the platform and various data warehouses so that real-time data can be fed from the platform to these warehouses (e.g. Google Sheets, MS SQL Server, Snowflake, Redshift, Google BigQuery etc.). This warehouses provide a platform where data can be analyzed.
solution of product development for data transformation
Integrated Advanced Visualization tools (Power BI, Data Studio, Tableau, Excel etc.): Real-time Data can be transformed and fed to various visualization tools. This tools help to give real time insights and make the process of collaboration and presentation of data amongst the stakeholders quite convenient and simplified.
Custom Dashboard feature which enables clients to have their branding while ensuring highest process visibility, monitoring of resource usage and controlling of all the integration processes at a single place.
Best in the industry encryption technology is also incorporated to provide robust security solutions, meeting standard protocols of the company and the industry. Using cloud integration, data storage and synchronization has been made very convenient by this technology.
A lot of development is still going on to incorporate AI and machine learning to the platform to take the automation to the next level and bring any sort of manual intervention to its barest minimum.

Here’s a look at the solution’s architecture

solution’s architecture

The Outcome

The Customer was satisfied with the solution as it provided a tool for Marketers, Data scientists, Data Analyst and businesses across industries to Automate Data collection, centralize all marketing data in one place or visualize using the platform, create connections between their data sources and destinations in REAL-TIME (Real-Time Data Pipelines & Marketing Reports) as well as creating dashboards and reports with all their marketing data. This in hand brought about freedom from manual coding, tedious data collection and thereby gave room for focus on higher-value activities

Technologies Used

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