Industry: Real Estate, Rental Property Management

Services: SaaS, Data Analytics, reservations, product listings

Year: 2022

Custom Web App Development

This is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for the management of properties and property investments. The product engineering was based on the development of three portals; one for Super Admin, one for Landlords, and the third for Agents. It was made in the sense that the super admin could manage all properties, investors, landlords, agents, bookings, reservations, etc. on the platform, while the landlords and agents could add and also manage properties relating to them.

Client’s requirements for the Property Management application

The client is one of the world’s leading Property Investment & Management companies, they provide jaw-dropping property investment and management services in the UK, US, Mexico, and Germany.
We helped the client in the development of a SaaS-based application that can be of great use to three types of users, a super admin who oversees all activities as relates to property investments done with the company, as well as the management of all properties, investors, landlords, agents, bookings, reservations, expense headers, accounting records, refunds, etc. A landlord (2nd type of user) who has properties up for rent. He can come onto the platform, sign up, create a profile and then add properties to be managed by my client’s company. Lastly, we have the agents (3rd type of user) who are people with the desire to effectively manage properties via the platform.

Here’s a look at the solution’s architecture

case study Architecture

Key Features

The application developed was to be made customizable as per the requirements of the client, which will offer a much more comprehensive and user-friendly solution to Property Investment and management from an admin point of view, as well as from various stakeholders’ points of view. Some unique features include:

A Landlord user portal that can effectively add numerous properties (Property information, Financials, pictures, etc.), and also efficiently manage all of these properties.

An agent user portal that can also add and manage properties effectively as well as their payment system.

Then a super-admin portal that oversees all activities relating to all property management, reservations, the stakeholders (Landlords, agents, and investors), activity and financial reports, other employees, etc.

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The Challenge for developing the Property Management application

Being an experienced multi-landlord, who knows the ins and outs of the real estate industry and also being part of a close-knit team of real estate experts with exceptional knowledge of the property market, the client had the idea of developing this SaaS-based application, something different from the conventional, he wanted a very transparent and reliable application, where every stakeholder will have complete control over activities as it relates to their properties.

The Solution

The SaaS-based Application developed by Metricoid Tech embraced these modules:

A Custom Dashboard feature for easy and efficient overseeing of all admin activities (Reservations, listings, etc.)

Advanced data management features that help Admin effectively:

  • Manage all properties on the platform: Add new property, view all types of property information, and make changes where necessary.
  • Manage expenses: Create new expense types and make alterations to existing expenses.
  • Manage all Accounting sections: Add and manage all – client’s expense records, Additional records, travel records, maintenance records, housekeeping records, general expense records, VAT section records, etc.
  • Manage all investors, Landlords, Agents, employees, bookings, reservation documents, payments activities, etc. (That is, add new ones or take actions on existing ones)

Other unique features added to this portal are creating a unique profile and managing property preference settings.

challenges of case study

The SaaS based Application developed by Metricoid embraced

  • A unique and custom profile creator feature for both users
  • Custom Property management feature for landlords: Add new properties to be rented out with pictures, features, description, financials, etc. and oversee activities with his owned properties on the platform
  • Custom Property management feature for Agents: Add new properties and efficiently manage existing ones

The Outcome

The Client was very satisfied with the SaaS Application developed as it like requested, provided a portal for 3 types of users to effectively manage properties and property investment related activities, ensuring transparency and reliability across all parastatals. It included a super admin portal where the overseeing of all activities on the application is done, a landlord portal where one can add and manage his properties, and an agent portal where basically the management of numerous properties is done.

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