Industry: E-commerce, Shipping and Logistics, Automation, IT Solutions

Services: Automated Label Creation, API Integration, Split Label Functionality, Return Label Generation, Encrypted Data Handling, Printer Recognition and Direct Printing, Real-Time Delivery Status Updates

Year: 2021

Platform Overview

Metricoid Technology Solutions embarked on a project to develop an innovative WooCommerce plugin and Magento module for a leading shipping and logistics company. The goal was to automate and streamline the shipping process for e-commerce businesses, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Client Profile

Our client, a key player in the shipping and logistics industry, provides specialized shipping solutions to e-commerce platforms. They sought a solution to automate shipping label creation and enhance the shipping tracking experience for their e-commerce clients.

The Challenge

The project aimed to address several challenges in the e-commerce shipping process:

Automate the generation and dispatch of shipping labels upon order placement.

Create split labels for orders with multiple products from different warehouses.

Simplify the return process with an easy return label generation feature.

Securely encrypt label data for accurate order fulfillment.

Enable direct printing of labels from connected printers.

Synchronize delivery status updates between the e-commerce platforms and the logistics system.

Revolutionizing E-commerce(1)

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The Solution

Revolutionizing E-commerce
  • Automated Label Creation: The system automatically generates shipping labels post-order placement, reducing manual efforts and errors.
  • API Integration for Immediate Dispatch: The labels are instantly sent to the shipping company via API integration, ensuring prompt processing.
  • Split Label Functionality: The module intelligently generates separate labels for orders with products stored in different warehouses, facilitating organized shipping.
  • One-Click Return Label Generation: Simplifying the return process, the feature allows for the quick creation of return labels.
  • Encrypted Data on Labels: Each label contains encrypted data like recipient addresses and order details, ensuring secure and accurate fulfillment.
  • Printer Recognition and Direct Printing: The plugin recognizes printers connected to the system, enabling users to print all generated labels directly, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Real-Time Delivery Status Updates: Through seamless API coordination between the e-commerce website and the logistics system, the plugin/module updates the delivery status in real-time. This feature allows customers on the e-commerce platform to track the progress of their orders accurately.

Here’s a look at the solution’s architecture


The Outcome

Revolutionizing E-commerce Shipping5
  • Streamlined Shipping Process: Automated label creation and direct printing capabilities significantly streamlined the shipping workflow.
  • Efficient Management of Complex Orders: The split label feature ensured efficient handling of multi-warehouse orders.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Easy return processing and real-time delivery tracking enhanced the overall customer experience.
  • Secure and Accurate Order Processing: Encrypted label data ensured the security and accuracy of order fulfillment.


The custom WooCommerce plugin and Magento module developed by Metricoid Technology Solutions marked a significant advancement in e-commerce logistics. By automating critical aspects of the shipping process and enhancing tracking capabilities, we helped our client provide exceptional service to their e-commerce partners, leading to increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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