Industry: B2B Marketplace, ECommerce

Services: E-commerce development, Web development, AI & SaaS

Year: 2020

Ecommerce & Web Development

Developing a robust and reliable B2B e-commerce service for merchants and customers that includes secure payment and an AI-assisted conflict resolution mechanism.


It is a growing B2B marketplace company to facilitate buying and selling between different companies or small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) online. It provides a platform for the producers and buyers to meet and find the best deals as per their needs.

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The Challenge

The main goal was to build a solid web and mobile based portal for customers as well as the sellers to browse and buy or sell products with ease ensuring great user experience. Existing platforms were very much obsolete and contributed very little to customer and seller satisfaction. So, there was a need for an advanced E-commerce platform that was simple, user-friendly and at the same time highly functional in all aspects

Data storage and accessing demanded cloud intervention to remove clutter and enhance speed

Setting up a secure and trustworthy payment channel was equally essential and lastly, efficient dispute resolution mechanism including AI based automated chatbot facility formed an integral part of conceptualization.

Challenges in b2b seller and buyer platform

The Solution

Creating and operating an online marketplace is a completely different challenge. There are many companies in the business, so having a strong digital platform and a professional yet secure interface is essential for gaining a competitive advantage. Finding buyers and sellers is a major issue, but it can be overcome with the help of a wide database of businesses from various industries and nations. APIs have been established to integrate the seller’s ERP directly into the system, and a comprehensive Negotiation system enables real-time demand-supply matching to make the transaction process as seamless as possible.

Solutions in b2b seller and buyer platform

Reliable logistic providers are also listed in the platform to enable hassle-free transition of goods across buyers and sellers.

To protect the interest of both the buyers and the sellers, Escrow based payment system has been integrated in the platform.

Online dispute resolution system through arbitration for quick and fair resolution of disputes related to escrow payment and other transactions. AI based chatbots help in real time escalation and resolution of any issue faced by the user.

Automated agreement documentation using standard contracts and model agreements helps in making the agreement between the clients much swifter.

All the digital solutions starting from the scratch were developed and deployed by Metricoid and regularly maintained as per the requirements of the client.

A user-friendly interface backed with strong technical support to handle the business has been the primary highlight of the project

Here’s a look at the solution’s architecture

solution’s architecture of B2B b2b E-commerce for seller and buyer platform

The Escrow Payment Process

Escrow Payment

The Outcome

Through full-cycle web app development, Metricoid’s team has assisted the company in establishing its online presence and making its brand accessible. The website we created is stable, strong, and user-friendly. The client benefits from the predictive analytics module for item demand forecasting and price optimization, which allows for better inventory management and cost reduction. And the secure payment system is one of the best in the market, with a smooth query-response process.

Key Highlights:

A high-performance user-friendly website

Maximized transactions in the marketplace, increasing profits

AI based chatbot and dispute resolution

Secure payment mechanism

Predictive inventory management system

Technologies Used

php 7
prestashop logo
My sql
css logo
php BB
third party API

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