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Industry: Logistics & Mobility

Services: Digital Transformation, API integration

Year: 2020

Product Engineering

Incorporating API-first digital integration in existing ecosystem of the logistic company to enhance productivity and beat competition.


The Client is a top logistic brand in Eastern Europe that deals in end-to-end shipping and logistics solutions for individual clients and business enterprises from all over the world.

We helped the client in the development of a SaaS based application which can be of great use to two types of users, a backend admin who oversees all activities as relates to shipments and logistics on the platform, that is management of all activities with regards shipments, containers, customers, fleet, reports, other users, shipping rates, 3rd party integrations, contents, leads, support system etc. and a normal user who can be an individual customer in need of logistic services or a company in the shipping & logistics space. The normal user can as well manage all shipments relating to them, manage reports, and manage 3rd party APIs.

Key Benefits

The application developed was to be made customizable as per the requirements of the client, which will offer a much more comprehensive and user-friendly solution to Shipping and logistics management from an admin point of view, as well as from a normal user’s point of view. Some unique features include:

A user’s portal that can efficiently create numerous shipments (by supplying sender’s , receiver’s, product’s and shipment information), Track all shipments using Tracking API that allows you to get all the shipments with normalized data, full tracking history and real-time updates, request shipment reports in various doc formats, Integrate and manage 3rd party APIs, create web hooks etc.

A Backend Admin portal that oversees all activities relating to shipments, containers, customers, fleets, reports, other admins etc.

The admin can via the application also manage shipping rates, leads, 3rd party Integrations, make changes to general settings, offer software supports, and much more.

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The Challenge

The client’s scope of business which focused on logistics, both locally and internationally had the idea of developing this SaaS based application to help companies, online shops, shippers, individual users etc. manage all their shipment/logistics related activities via a portal.

Due to rising demand and volume of operations, shippers were increasingly desiring control, visibility of their activities and that of other stakeholders in the supply chain. They also craved subsequent means to reduce cost, ways to integrate 3rd party APIs to their logistic system, amongst others. This gave birth to this application as my client saw this challenge and reached out to us with their ideas

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The Solution

For Users

The SaaS based Application developed by Metricoid Tech embraced these modules:

A Custom Dashboard feature: which enables user easily and efficiently get an overview of all shipment activities, notifications, tasks updates, amongst others.
A Shipment Management Section: In here, the user can create numerous shipments (by suppling sender, receiver, product and shipment info), track all existing shipments, request shipment reports in various doc formats, etc.
Advanced third-Party API Integration feature:With this feature the user could create API Access to some 3rd party application, create web hooks, send POST request to
Enhance Productivity Of Logistic Company Case study solution

For Admin

A Custom Dashboard feature:

which enables user easily and efficiently get an overview of all shipment activities, notifications, tasks updates, amongst others.

Advanced data management features that help Admin effectively:

Add new shipments and manage shipments from all users. bulk import and barcode scanner are other features included in this section

Create Containers that will house multiple shipments, Manage all the containers

Manages all customers, customer invoices etc.

Third-Party API Integrations: Manages all requests to configure emails, SMS, Payment Gateways, Social Authentication and Shipping Integrations

Create new content pages as requested by users, manage existing pages and manage news

Manages all Shipping Zones, Shipping rates, charges, discounts etc.

Manage Users, other Administrators, assigns roles & permissions to users, etc.

Fleet Management: fleet is the transport medium. It can be ships, airplanes, vehicles etc. Admin manages routes, vehicles, drivers etc.

Manages all shipment settings, templates settings, account settings etc.

Software Support: Manages all requests, queries, service tickets from users, also offer support via telephone, email etc.

Manage Forms, collect and manage leads etc.

Other unique features added to this portal are the ability to add and manage widgets, manage feedbacks from users, choose language etc.

The Outcome

The goal was reached at the end of the process as the client could now effectively manage all shipments and its related activities, thereby providing outstanding logistic solutions to individuals and other companies in the logistic space who could also now efficiently manage all their shipments and Third-party API Integrations.

Client is very much satisfied with the partnership with Metricoid. As the pricing was competitive and experience provided was state of the art and technology driven, the client continued to approach Metricoid for all other digital solutions required in the ecosystem in due course of time.

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