Web Development Trends to incorporate in 2023

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Websites are not just pages. They are the face of a business. The success of any business is highly dependent on the way it is presented to the public and websites undoubtedly form a significant part of the medium between the company and the end users. Every website is built with contemporary technology and resources and the developers put in best of their efforts to rise to the occasion and demands. As technology is improving each and everyday, web development trends keep on changing and evolving . Being updated with the latest trends and incorporating them in your platform and service is very important to survive in the competitive industry and at the same time give the users or clients the best of the experience and advantage for choosing you over others.

A good web development partner will always assist you in gaining the competitive advantage by providing you with updates and incorporation in the solution along the trend.

With an in-depth analysis of the IT industry and the market trends evolving with each passing day, we have compiled a list of important points to consider in 2021:

API Integration

Current solutions have to be well updated with the facility to increase connectivity with other applications and platforms that are in use on a regular basis. There is no denying the fact that use of smartphones, wearables, smart devices and digital services are very common these days and accessibility of services and demand for a connected ecosystem is part of the growing norm. And to cater to the demand, web development should go hand in hand with API development and integration.
Conventionally, API development used to be a secondary project or secondary development which might not be tested and integrated in parallel to primary web development. What we need is real time API development on which all the teams can work simultaneously and test it for final integration.

AI chat-bots

Most of your businesses are based on services accessible to people all over the world and users from different time zones. This definitely demands for a customer support system that runs 24/7. And the most effective way of achieving this is through chat-bots. Conventional chat-bots are becoming obsolete and AI based chat-bots are increasingly becoming acceptable.
Additional technology such as speech recognition and machine learning are blended to make chat-bots more reliable than human support staff. Businesses such as eCommerce, healthcare, food/goods delivery and tourism etc., have major utility of these chat-bots. These evolved chat-bots can respond to the users with FAQs, automated order placement and provide support and resolution on a real time basis at a scale not possible by conventional ways. Sites with such user engagement and query redressal mechanisms are definitely having an upper hand than non-interactive ones.

Progressive Web Apps

Making browsing experience as close to mobile apps and native platforms is widely acceptable these days in web solutions. This is primarily because the most accessible platform forms the basis of user-friendliness. As more and more users access apps on phones and compact screens, aligning the websites also in the lines of the app functionalities makes the user experience much easier and better.
PWA are just websites with added functionality exclusively available on native applications such as push notifications, offline access, home screen widgets and icons etc.

PWA not just eliminates the negative experience of the web users but also enhances engagement of users who generally avoid taking the pain of downloading an entire app to access a portion of the functionality offered by the platform.

So, this is a definite and proven way to expand your audience and generate more revenue.

Voice recognition

With the advent of IoT, smart appliances, AI powered gadgets voice recognition based search and interaction is becoming very much mainstream. Most of the leading businesses, globally, have started using this feature in their websites, apps and all user interfaces. A more evolving trend out of voice recognition is SEO based on voice data and advanced analytics, taking user engagement to the next level. API developers can come to rescue in developing custom tools based on this technology for your website and business needs.

Motion UI

Motion UI is another emerging trend in use in web development these days. The user experience becomes more interactive and engaging with the motion UI where animations, transitions and dynamic elements are added to the usual design of the web interface. Contrary to the conventional flat designs of web pages, motion UI adds an extra element to capture the attention of the users to a particular element or the section of the website. User attention span and imagery recognition of the design elements and content present on the webpage improves a lot by implementing motion UI.

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