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Lead generation is pretty much an art –it is more of an art than it is anything else. As a marketer or a newbie in the business world, it is keen that you under the principles governing marketing and wherever you look to find information on these principles, you will come to see a thing or two on lead generation.

Lead generation is an important aspect of business growth as it contains the power of people management. First of all, before delving in deeper we will define what the term ‘Lead’ connotes – a lead is that one person that has shown a form of interest in what your company has to offer in one way or manner. Now that we know the meaning of Lead, we can proceed to understanding what Lead generation means.

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What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation

Lead generation is simply a way of finding and gathering people that have potentials of becoming customers, either at that particular moment or later on in the future. There are various definitions all over the internet that serve the purpose of explaining what lead generation means but if you are here it means you already know what it means and you are looking to figuring your way around it.

Lead Generation Techniques

As a salesman or a saleswoman, it is only normal for you to be on the constant lookout for new leads to enhance the growth of your business and as a marketer, you always have an eye out for the new lead generation techniques that are available. It is just the way things are – constantly, from time to time and over the years there have been several techniques put forward as a way to generate leads better.

And over time, you may have looked at these techniques and even tried out a couple but here we are going to be narrowing down your options for you and tailoring out the best Lead Generation techniques that will fit perfectly for your business.

1. Search Engine Optimisation


This tops the list and we are sure you must have guessed why. The whole talk about how SEO is a great marketing strategy might have gotten tiring for you but it is merely the truth. It is highly effective and gives you the great results, it is also very easy. The SEO tools allow ease of generating leads by creating an avenue for you to connect your clients with the content you have online.

Maybe it is your keywords that are not being used right; once you are able to utilize the right keywords everything is fixed – quick and easy for you. You enable the server to locate your content, you come up where you can be located and this is an automatic pull of the crowd to what it is you have for them.

Now over time, some people have been confused about the whole point of Search Engine Optimization and why it is a thing when there is Adwords and PPC – well SEO ranking comes cheaper when put up beside those two. It is of low cost and it most certainly causes an increase in the traffic on your site, it is not a case of maybe and maybe not.

There is also credibility because everyone has some level of trust in Google and for your site to be ranked by Google; it says something about reliability and efficiency. SEO makes your brand stand out amongst the many other brands lined up on the internet, it singles it out for recognition and if this isn’t one of the most brilliant ways to generate lead then I don’t know what is.

2. Email Marketing

This technique is a major help when it comes down to having a one or one with your customer. There are tons of benefits that come along with email marketing and some of these benefits include the spending less; with email marketing you do not have to spend as much as you would spend for the regular marketing.

Email Marketing

Instead of spending loads on banners and flyers that less people pay attention to, you get exposure of this platform at no cost. You are also able to deliver messages to people who have shown clear interest in your business, so it basically saying goodbye to the stress that comes along with speaking to people who clearly have no interest in the product you are offering to them.

You are also able to keep track of your insights; you can closely monitor the progress of your email marketing just like social media platforms. There is also the fact that you are not the only one marketing and this is because emails like Instagram posts can easily be shared from friend to friend, so your leads can help you market by sharing news of what you have to friends either by clicking the share button or by merely telling a friend with word of mouth.

The possibilities with email marketing are endless and they have proven, over the years, to be a great way to generate leads and to keep the ones you have engaged.

3. Social Media

Social Media

By now, we should have come to the knowledge that social media is more than a place you just go to post a picture or like a post. The power of social media marketing lies in its audience – social media is rich in audience as it is used by millions of people all over the globe. It is constantly being used by one person or the other, somewhere on the planet.

It is even safe to say that it never sleeps and to take advantage of this, you can use it for lead generation. Social networking is important in the growth of any business – this is close to being the easiest way to generate leads. All you have to do is find a way to connect with your audience the best way possible by providing them with the right content, on some social media platforms you can run promotions that allows you target your audience based on location and hobbies.

This rich method of lead generation when done right, only gives you the best results and by using this means, you can also keep track of your progress – it can help you know where to and where not to target the next time you might be doing a social media promotion.

4. Blogging


Now blogging might not be the best lead generating technique out there, but it is safe to say that it is the most effective one that you will probably find. With blog posts, you are able to create content with enough keywords to alert the search engine. SEO can be much utilized here, you can promote your blog posts on pretty much any platform – so in other words, it is in its own way connected to social media marketing.

Your White papers, which can be useful is keeping all your company’s information for the sake of credibility, can also be accessed here and links to you lead generation websites can be accessed from your blog. It compounds the entire package as you can see.

5. Customer Testimonials

The testimony of your customer with regards to your product is as important as important can be. If a customer or rather, several customers come out in the public and say nasty things about your product, it will indefinitely make it hard for new leads to be interested in patronising you.

Customer Testimonial

They will become uncertain and would opt for another business owner with better reviews. You might be wondering how to make use of customer testimonials, it is not hard to figure your way around it but it can be tricky. First you might want to ensure that you use your best customers and you can place them at the forefront of your business, if you have someone that is well known in your area patronising you – place them at the center of your business in such a way that other will see that person and be compelled to patronise you too.

You can also get people to drop reviews for yoHu but when doing this, you have to be careful – it would not make sense if there is nothing linking the reviewer to your site, let there be a back link. Most importantly, let your work be in such a way that your customers will have no other choice than to speak to others about it. Ensure that you are providing quality services and you will be good to go.

6. Live Chat Features

Live Chat

Live chat features allows you to have a direct one on one with your customer. For every business owner out there, it is important that you know that the success of your business lies in how trustworthy you are as an enterprise. Having live chat features makes that easy – aside from the fact that it is pretty cool to be able to communicate with your client and see what they look like, you can have real conversations and build an environment that allows your customer talk to you about what your dos and don’ts can be. This feature is strong enough to make your customer want to stick around and work with you some more.

It goes beyond face time; it is business taking a brand new toll. You are practically building a partnership – more than anything – with everyone who visits your website and has a question or two panned out for you. It gets people talking and it makes people want to stay.

7. Exit-Internet Popup

This is you putting up what you have to offer for them in their face. This images or forms and so one just pop up to show your visitors whatever it is you want to show them, the good thing is that it is not a thing they can scroll past. Using this means to your advantage will involve good presentation, making the pop up look appealing and only putting only important content on it because if they are going to be pausing to give it a read, it should be worth it. Many business owners do not understand the value of popups, they fail to see how far it can go in building a customer base.

Exit Internet

Popups can either be a means to generating leads or be the lead itself. When customers see it, and it appears appealing, there is a high chance that they will click on that link attached to it or fill that form they are being asked to fill out. All you have to do is ensure that your popup is worthy of consideration, it could be a new product or a ‘subscribe’ form – no matter how basic it is, make sure it is looking good.

8. Loyalty Program

This is a very good form of lead generation technique as it helps in turning new leads into repeat leads or permanent leads. Everyone likes a good reward, it brings about a feeling of being special and recognized and it makes one want to stick around. It keeps your leads and helps you draw in more leads.

Loyalty Programs are used to encourage customers to keep purchasing, it is like a magic spell that binds your customer to your brand. It is a way of recognizing your best customer, your most frequent purchaser and allows your customer feel a sense of appreciation and closeness to the brand. It is an effective way of keeping your leads and it should be implemented as often as possible as it tends to yield great results.

Loyalty Program

Lead generation and its importance cannot be over exaggerated. It is effective in getting strings and strings of clients at your doorstep – an extremely brilliant way to market and get your product out there. There are many ways to go about generation of leads, many new ways are on the uprising but with these eight techniques you will find yourself on a good route to generating great leads. The sooner you realize how important leads are for your business, the better it will be for your business growth.

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