Ecommerce Marketplace Development

What is a multi-vendor Ecommerce Marketplace?

Ecommerce marketplace is a platform specifically designed for buyers and sellers/ vendors. An online marketplace, however, includes people like, customers, vendors/ suppliers, shipping providers, dispute managers, marketplace owners, logistics and warehouse managers, etc.

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B2C commerce

Being the most common form of ecommerce applications, B2C commerce requires no explanation. The customer purchases a product from the seller and it gets delivered to them in no time. With increasing popularity, tasks such as payment transactions and shipping are taken care of with efficiency. However, the security of the payment options, shipping solutions, product quality and customer satisfaction need to be emphasised upon.

Seller commissions

Commissions are handled precisely for the marketplace.

Seller Mirco Site

Seller website will be quite similar to the leading companies.

Contact Seller

Chat and message options.

Product Catalogue

A detailed catalogue provided by the vendor/ seller that allows in easy management of inventory and stocks along with CRUD operations.

Mobile App

A common point for customers and vendors to handle orders, products, reviews and so on.

Responsive design

A design that works on any device.

Shipping and Taxes

Vendors/ Sellers can easily maintain their shipping and taxes.

Multi Theme Support

All kinds of theme support ranging from LTR to RTL.


Advanced reports for vendors to check on their top selling products, vendors and buyers.

Rating and Reviews

Ratings from vendors and customers that allow them to buy from the best sellers. A common feature for most B2C marketplaces.

RTL Support

Universal support layout ranging from Arabic to English.

CakePHP Development Services-web design
Custom Marketplace Solutions

Customised solutions and services based on the company’s requirements.

B2B commerce

Managing a B2B marketplace is quite different from managing a B2C marketplace as the features it requires aren’t ordinary. This is a platform where retailers and manufacturers sell and purchase products in bulk that ensures that this task is not tedious. Such marketplaces must have some features like quotation systems, communication systems, sales agents, price lists, etc.

Quotation from Builder

A quote form can be efficiently created to have a record of the payments.

Vendor Verification

Legal validity and vendor business confirmation.

Request For Quote

RFQ can be negotiated between B2B sales representatives and customers.

Order Approval

Order Confirmation

Customer Approval

Customer verification with numerous identification proofs.

Sales Representative

They assist in lead generation, PO generation and order delivery.

Shopping List

Make a unique shopping list to see the end price and thereafter order.

Price List

Different prices for vendors, customers, etc.

Warehouse Management

Efficient management of the supply chain that ensures seamless delivery.

Supplier MicroSite

Information provided about the manufacturer, their products and so on.

Supplier Mobile App

A dedicated app that confirms orders, checks vendors, PO, etc.

Electronic Data Interchange

With a simple electronic format, exchange business documents smoothly.

Purchase Order

Purchase order can be raised to the supplier or distributor by the owner.

Inventory Sourcing

Sourcing inventory from online as well as offline sources.

Catalogue Management

Easily select a purchase order from a dedicated master catalogue.

Bulk Purchase

Save time by purchasing in bulk rather than adding each product one by one.

Logistics Management

Allows the platform to be accessed from any device.

Rating And Review

Helps buyers to purchase from the right sources.

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Case Study

Check out the latest ecommerce websites/ applications developed by us. We built a powerful and responsive B2B ecommerce platform for vendors and customers that included a secure payment option as well as an AI-assisted mechanism. Learn more about the process, the clients, the technology stack and so on.

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