Skills required to keep you going on par in AI era.

Skills required to keep you on par in AI era.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term Artificial Intelligence is a common term used nowadays. But let’s understand what AI really is. Artificial intelligence is the ability of a ‘robot’ that is controlled by a computer to perform tasks of human beings. Why is it capable of performing tasks that are performed by humans? It is because of human characteristics such as discovering, reasoning abilities and learning. Over the last few decades, the advantages and speed of technology has been demonstrated. However, the thing that differentiated between a computer programs and the human brain was flexibility and knowledge. In the 21st century, with advanced technology we are finally at a stage where technology has reached the level of performing advanced tasks, such as voice recognition, self-driving vehicles, chatbots, etc. This is just the beginning with an even more advanced and exciting future of AI.

AI was first used in Dartmouth college by a cognitive scientist, Marvin Minsky in the year 1956. In the year 1997, Russian grandmaster was defeated by IBM’s Deep Blue for the first time.

Why is Artificial Intelligence important for the future?

Though there are a lot of things that AI can do and many more that we are not aware of, it is difficult to predict the future. In the near future we can expect.

Market revenue in billion U.S. Dollar
  • Cyber-Security
  • Cybersecurity in the coming years will be complicated because of the blend of human intelligence and AI. Cybercrimes and other threats will be dealt with effectively with the power of AI, making the internet more safer.

  • Live Tracking
  • With a more widespread adoption of AI and availability of more information, diagnostics will be easier and easily accessible. Tracking lifestyle, health patterns and collecting genetic information will be efficient and faster.

  • Metaverse
  • Though metaverse is still not a common concept as of now, in the years to come, it will be a huge platform for people to consume content, work and interact.

  • Impact On Sectors
  • It will positively impact the e-commerce sector making distribution and marketing easier. Automation, chatbots and personalized experience are aspects of AI we use at present and will only flourish in the years to come.

Apart from these it will impact the transportation and manufacturing, entertainment, finance and banking among others.

  • Growth of AI startups has increased 14 folds since the year 2000.
  • By the year 2025, the global AI market will reach 190.61 billion dollars.
  • GoogleAmazonApple,  and etc. have adopted AI and are making ground breaking innovations in the industry. Siri and Alexa have become a part of our daily life.

Myths about the future of AI

  • AI will replace all human jobs
  • Though there are tasks and manual work that will be automated because of which employment in certain industries will be disrupted, there will also be more opportunities and jobs created because of AI. Machines will require humans to operate it.

  • AI does not need human assistance
  • AI is still dependent on humans. A developer/ engineer will have to prepare models, datasets, make and eliminate changes, etc. Hence, human assistance is required for AI to work.

  • Bots will take over every human task
  • Currently, we are using weak AI to perform tasks. Only general and super AI will be capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence. What is weak, general and super AI?

  • Weak AI
  • Performs simple and specific tasks.

  • General AI
  • Performs complex tasks performed by humans.

  • Super AI
  • Performs tasks better than humans.

However, general and super AI have not been fully developed yet and it will take centuries to reach a level where it can be utilized. Its efficiency is still unknown.

Risks of AI

  • A machine is always at a risk of producing errors. AI could be designed to perform beneficial tasks, but it could end up with negative results. It can be destructive if the end goal does not align with our requirements.
  • AI if used maliciously can be used to cause mass destruction. Losing control of such situations is very easy. This risk is spoken of constantly and as the levels of AI intelligence grows, the risk increases.

Skills needed to beat AI

Humans can never be not required. What makes humans indispensable is their ability to feel and communicate which no level of advanced technology will ever be able to do. So, instead of worrying about the future of AI and the changes because of it, let’s embrace it. But, how can one prepare for this change? By strengthening skills that make us more human and hence, irreplaceable. What are the skills of the future?

  • Human interaction and collaboration
  • Connecting with people from different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds is key for collaboration across borders. Understanding these diverse communities is essential for creating a vibrant, inclusive and strong environment.

  • Communication
  • Effective communication is essential in all life tasks. But more than that other aspects of your personality are extremely important as well. This includes body language, expressions, and the ability to engage people.

  • Technical Skills
  • Update your technical skills constantly. There might be certain aspects of your job which can be controlled by AI. But uplifting your skills can make you an expert in other areas of your field.

  • Logics
  • Machines will influence our decisions increasingly in the future. However, humans have the ability to foresee the consequences of certain decisions. Even though machines can analyze data and make calculated decisions, it can not replace human logic and reason.

  • Adapt to technology
  • Over the last two years, we have become increasingly dependent on technology and this is only going to increase in the coming years. So, learning more about technology, its benefits, how it can be used in your area of expertise is always advantageous. It can help you learn more and hence, make the process of adaptation easier.


Artificial intelligence is advancing with no signs of slowing down. It is making life more efficient and goal oriented. It is going to be a big change and well, an inevitable one. Hence, it cannot be ignored. The sooner you adapt and embrace AI, the easier it will be for you to bear with the consequences.

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