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Why is property management important?

Are you looking for long term solutions or short term solutions or are you looking for solutions for the following businesses: Urban Rental, Aparthotels, Serviced apartments, Vacation rentals or Camping? Whatever you’re looking for, we have a solution to all your technology related problems.

As a technology solution company that offers rental property management solutions we acknowledge the challenges you face and strive to help you run your business more efficiently and see it flourish. Finding the right tenants/ customers and catering to their demands is a huge part of this business. But, let’s be honest, being connected with someone 24/7 can be exhausting! Along with this, keeping track of the expenses and finances of the company can be a lumbersome process. Communication and constant contact with the staff is tiring and can be frustrating too. Now, this may ensure growing revenue, but you cannot expand your business and raise it to the level you always aspired it to reach. We at Metricoid Technology Solutions are here to help you take care of all the roadblocks you face and to help you expand your business. Our rental property management solutions are exactly what you need! Let’s discuss why.

Why Hire our Developers for Property Management?

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Services Provided

Over the years, the surge in prices has pushed a lot of businesses to explore automated procedures so as to satisfy their clients and enhance their revenue stream. This also helps beat competition and be a cut above the rest. Let’s talk about these solutions in brief.

Accounting Tools

Accounting software is an indispensable tool for your business’ financial data. From filing taxes and tax calculations to invoicing and billing, this tool will whip up perceptive financial reports which will help you make mindful decisions at every step and help in incessant growth of your business.

Automation Tools

This is an interesting tool. It is basically a software that allows you to designate the testing tasks and automatically runs that test for you. Hence, it is time and cost efficient.

Extended Stays

This software can create new revenue streams for your company. Simply, integrate mid-term stays in your business model. Again, it is cost effective and a favorable alternative for the traditional ways.

Mobile Management App

Property management now in your pocket. We can develop a native mobile app, with which you can manage reservations, communicate with your customers, check and edit your multi- calendar and so much more. Now, you can stay connected at any time and place!

Multi Calendar

This software allows you to view and edit multiple calendars side by side. You can view it by days, weeks, months, half year or full year. It helps you keep track of your data and have it aligned in one place.


Being transparent with your customers has never been easier and it’s in your control! You can personalise and customise it. You can study trends and incorporate that in your business to help it bloom.

Payment Processing

Keeping track of all the transactions can be a tedious task. So, let software take care of it. With our payment processor, you can make seamless transactions with easy access to payment information. Make it simple and hassle free.

Revenue Management

Boost your inventories and intensify your yield. Plan your prices with accurate data. Set higher prices for holidays and lower prices for dates with less demand.

Task Management

Set to-do lists that get done precisely and right on schedule. Keep it organised with frequent check ups and notifications.

Unified Inbox

When bookings are made from different channels, keeping track of all the messages is not plausible. With this tool, communication from all mediums is merged at one single place, so you don’t miss anything!

24/7 Guest Communication Services

Be connected with your guests all day, everyday. And, don’t worry, simply hand it over to our communication masters who can answer all the questions and help your customers feel connected while having the best experience.

Pre-Stay Tools

It’s like a screening system for the customers. Customise pre-stay tasks to collect information about the customer to have more control over your properties and business. You can deliver a top notch guest experience without any stress or additional costs. Forms, rental agreements and authority reporting are generally preferred by most companies.

custom web
Custom Property Management Services

We customise services based on your business size, needs and customers. After thorough understanding of your requirements and challenges we put together a set of solutions created especially for your company.

Additional Solutions


Marketing and advertising are the most imperative aspects for any business in the 21st century. Easily advertise your company on popular property listing websites and widen your reach.

rental application
Rental Application

Find the best tenant for your property and neighbourhood. Use a rental application which is secure and friendly, to collect information about the potential customers and make the stay smooth for them.

Rental Lease Agreement

Create a lease agreement which includes all the provisions necessary and is in accordance with the landlord-tenant laws of your state.


Have a direct control on the company’s financial information.

Rent Payment:

Collect rent online easily, without the hassle of checks and cash.

Helping innovators acheive goals exceptional digital desgin


Case Study

Here is a PMS product developed by us.

View Case Study

Now that we know all about the solutions, let’s discuss why we need rental property management solutions.

Guest Experience is enhanced with the above mentioned softwares. Nobody likes to wait in queues for check-in, pay cash/ cheques, not being able to connect with the owner and so on. This leads to an unsatisfactory experience which can be a dent in your business.
Higher efficiency and greater revenue: Technology cannot falter. With accurate data and functions you can generate new revenue streams and grow your business.
Integrate with third party platforms: Association with other platforms, helps you widen your reach and enhance your prospects.
With these tools, be on top of everything. Know exactly what’s happening. Have control over the property, staff and guests. With long and tedious tasks taken care of, you can utilise your energy in other aspects of your business.

Why Metricoid?

With 14 years of experience in crafting digital solutions, we offer efficiency at every step of the project. We emphasise on services and production time with cost-effective services. We value relationships with our clients. When you succeed, we succeed. Our services are not limited to a project, we will be here to help and support you whenever needed. With great success stories and experience of working with highly established companies, you can expect nothing but a top notch work ethic with the best results. Our aim is to align our goal with yours and deliver the desired product without any roadblocks along the way.
We are friendly professionals who love to talk.
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