What is Predictive Modelling?

Predictive modelling is an artificial intelligence (AI) method that uses statistical analytics and data mining techniques to extract valuable insights from previous data and provide our clients with a look into their customers’ future behavior.
Predictive modeling is a strategy for using probability to outline and anticipate certain events, allowing businesses to anticipate problems and propose appropriate solutions. By discovering hidden information in your historical data assets, our predictive modeling experts help you think proactively.
Predictive modelling solutions employ historic insights and historical performance to discover and anticipate the possibility of future trends and the link between broad factors, whereas descriptive analytics techniques summaries prior experiences and search for a single important component to explain behavior.
Businesses can optimize all aspects of their operations, from acquisition and onboarding to upsell and retention, by identifying what consumers are most likely to do.

predictive modelling

Getting started with predictive modelling solutions

Understand and analyze data

Ad hoc analysis, hypothesis testing, geographic analysis, and predictive analytics are all used in statistics to solve commercial and research challenges. To evaluate assumptions and get correct findings, understand data, assess patterns, forecast, and plan.

Build Data Models

With full algorithms and models that are ready to use right now, the SPSS Modeler solution can help you access data assets and current applications. Learn how to boost data science productivity and get a quick return on investment by using the Forrester Consulting tool.

Deploy and train models for AI

Watson Studio Desktop is a cutting-edge data science and machine learning platform designed from the bottom up for AI-driven businesses. Simplify the experimental to deployment process. Exploration of data, model building, and training are all done quickly. Data science activities may be scaled over the lifespan.

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Predictive Modelling and Forecasting Solutions

Customers might fall in and out of love with companies for a variety of reasons. A customer centricity strategy is built on staying ahead of consumer preferences and knowing what drives their behavior in connection to the brand. Furthermore, predictive modelling may be used internally to track critical company stakeholders, such as predicting staff turnover and improving employee engagement.

Predictive modelling aids in determining what consumers are most likely to do next, allowing organizations to plan and implement practical tactics that meet their growth or sales targets. Our company is able to modify customers plans by predicting behavior, whether it’s through the introduction of complex email sequences, online experiences, or simply optimizing their operations, to guarantee the business has everything in place when the consumer walks through the door.

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Why Metricoid predictive modelling ?

user friendly

User-friendly predictive modeling

With an award-winning, user-friendly interface, you’ll have instant access to deep analytical capability.

Metricoid-comprehensive predictive model

Comprehensive predictive modeling capabilities

Use a single platform to access a large library of machine-learning algorithms and statistical analysis.


Open-source integration

R, Python, and other programming languages can help you boost the strength of your analytical initiatives.

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