We build and support successful online marketplace businesses

Our skilled team builds successful marketplace platforms by focusing on the user to maximize engagement and conversions.

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We’ll advise and assist you with our product-to-market knowledge, ensuring that you make the best decisions possible throughout the process. Using our Product Discovery, UX, and UI Workshops, we analyze and enhance for your target audience in order to provide a profitable online marketplace operation that your customers will appreciate.

It allows us to provide a completely unique user experience, one that’s not dependent on templates or pre-made designs, thanks to an advanced development strategy. To boost sales and conversions, our skilled online marketplace developers will create a completely scalable, efficient, and profitable multi-vendor marketplace.

You’ll have complete control over how your users interact with you. With an entirely customized cross-device frontend, it will be designed and developed for you. Build new features and functionalities bespoke to your idea or integrate using 3rd party tools and applications — the possibilities are unlimited.

Developing unique and compelling marketplace platforms

We can assist you with any marketplace website design and development, whether it’s a B2B marketplace or a multi-vendor marketplace framework.

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Business to Business (B2B)

Metricoid-Online Market Network

Market network

Metricoid-peer-to-peer icon

Peer to Peer (P2P)

Metricoid-business to customer

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Metricoid-multi-vender market place

Multi-vendor marketplace

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Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

Recent Client Success

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Metricoid Expert Marketplace development services


Research & discovery

Our knowledgeable staff analyses your company’s objectives and target market before recommending the best strategy for achieving them.


 UX and UI Design

Wireframes and prototypes are developed by our UI/UX designers depending on the project goals and target market.


Product development

Our skilled software developers design your marketplace using the most up-to-date industry standards.

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QA and Optimization

We run several tests, optimize the code, and guarantee that all custom solutions delivered by our team are of the highest efficiency and quality.


Monitoring & Deploying

We supervise your marketplace after it’s up and running, and address any difficulties as soon as they arise. On a regular schedule, we also provide assistance.


Third-party services integration

For a better customer experience, we may incorporate payment services, tracking algorithms, and other specific statistics.

Do you have a marketplace ideas but aren’t sure what to do next?

How to build a thriving online marketplace

The secret to building popular and lucrative marketplaces is to take a user-centric strategy combined with a well-thought-out business plan. Our specialists have accumulated the best practices in the domain after building and launching several e-commerce websites, and the procedures we propose for marketplace web development are listed below.

Develop a positive marketplace idea and test it out.
Choose marketplace business model and pricing level.
Build Minimum Viable Platform
Build your initial supply.
Launch your marketplace to the first customers.
Keep track of your key metrics helping you expand your business.

What features should your marketplace have?

We encourage our clients to begin developing marketplace software with a minimal viable product (MVP). Only creating the functionality that is required will allow you to swiftly test your idea while saving time and money. Metricoid’s marketplace websites are extremely scalable, so any extra feature may be added at any time. Based on our experience and insight, the following are essential features while building an online marketplace:

Social Connect

Custom Search




Payment systems

Product Listing

Rating & Reviews

System of ordering

Mobile Compatibility

Metricoid-What features should your online market place have?

Modern necessities for marketplace platforms

We provide exceptional and high-quality custom marketplace software frameworks that adhere to industry best practices and standards.

Metricoid Modern Requirement for Onlline marketplace platform infographics

Why should you hire Metricoid to develop and design your online marketplace platform?


We make use of our extensive UI/UX design knowledge. Our designers develop WoW-themed mockups.


Our crew isn’t going to stand still. We strive to improve our abilities on a regular basis. Without a good team, you won’t be able to attain profits.


To execute projects with a continuously high level of quality, we employ all of our knowledge and best practices.

Constant assistance

Even after your website goes online, we guarantee support. If you have any problems, we will gladly fix them for you at no cost.

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