Logistic & Shipping Application Development

Why is Logistics application necessary?

Logistics applications are key to streamlining supply chain operations, driving efficiency, and reducing costs. They automate tasks, optimize routes, manage inventory, and enable real-time tracking. At Metricoid, we specialize in developing customized software solutions. We craft robust, user-friendly logistics applications tailored to your specific needs. Our solutions provide greater control over your logistics processes, improving accuracy and delivery times, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and giving your business a competitive edge.

Why Hire Our Developers for Logistics Application Development?

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Services offered by Metricoid

Supply chain Management
Supply chain Management

This can include features like inventory management, procurement, demand forecasting, order management, warehouse management, and transport management.

Fleet Management System
Fleet Management System

With customised insurance application development, our team focuses on providing an intuitive design and focusing on challenges faced by the companies that can be resolved with technical solutions.

Freight Forwarding Software
Freight Forwarding Software

This can include features for tracking shipments, managing documentation, calculating costs, scheduling pickups and deliveries, and handling customs clearances.

Integrated Shipping Platform
Integrated Shipping Platform

Create a platform that integrates multiple shipping providers to offer more options and potentially better rates to the logistics company.

AI/ML Solutions
AI/ML Solutions

These solutions can help predict demand, optimize routes, forecast delivery times, and even detect and prevent fraud.

Real-Time Tracking Systems
Real-Time Tracking Systems

These systems use GPS technology to track shipments in real-time, providing updates to customers and helping to manage expectations.

Integration Services
Integration Services

Integrate their existing software systems with new ones, like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and e-commerce platforms

E-commerce Solutions
Ecommerce Solutions

Development of plugins, modules, or extensions for popular Ecommerce systems, such as Woo Commerce, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, and others to make the operations of online businesses as smooth as possible.

Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications

Develop mobile apps for employees and customers to monitor and manage their shipping tasks, track parcels, and interact with customer service.

Achieve your business goals and visions with idiosyncratic and innovative designs and solutions.

metricoid case study of digital integration in existing system

Case Study

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Why choose Metricoid to build your Logistics platform?

Metricoid has over 14 years of experience in providing technology solutions and in software development, and delivers high quality services and best experience to their clients. A professional and supportive team with professional integrity is available to create the best platforms and make the process seamless for them. We provide customized solutions to our clients at flexible prices within an appropriate time.
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How can a custom logistics application from Metricoid improve our operations?

A custom logistics application from Metricoid can streamline your operations by automating routine tasks, optimizing delivery routes, managing inventory effectively, and enabling real-time tracking of shipments. This can lead to significant cost reductions, improved efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction.

Can Metricoid create a logistics application that integrates with our existing systems?

Absolutely. At Metricoid, we specialize in developing software solutions that can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations.

We operate globally. Can Metricoid build a logistics application that can handle international operations?

Yes. Metricoid has extensive experience in developing software solutions for global operations. Our logistics applications can handle multi-currency transactions, language localization, international shipping regulations, and more.

How secure are the logistics applications developed by Metricoid?

Security is a top priority at Metricoid. We adhere to best industry practices and standards to ensure that all the applications we develop are secure. This includes using secure coding practices, regular security audits, and ongoing monitoring to detect and respond to any potential threats.

Can we expect ongoing support and updates for the logistics application developed by Metricoid?

Yes, Metricoid provides ongoing support and updates for all its software solutions. We offer maintenance packages that include regular updates to ensure that your application stays current with the latest technologies and industry standards.

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