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What does a chief technology officer do?

A CTO is involved in all the software development procedures required in a project, retaining the position of the highest technical executive. Not only are they in charge of the organization’s research and development, but they also supervise employees’ daily workflow. A CTO has the strong technical expertise and they can also guarantee that the development process and the business objectives are properly aligned.

You definitely need a responsible supervisor while developing a digital product (such as a mobile app, web page, or software system), to oversee the entire technical process.

Designing the technical structure of the future product.
Develop and effectively communicate a technical strategy to owners/customers and stakeholders.
Formulate a definite roadmap.
Provide efficient advice regarding the latest technologies.
Organize and train the team.
Evaluate the performance of the team.
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What is the working procedure?

You are required to update us with an overview of what you are doing. This overview (executive summary) has to contain:

Business and Product

What really is the product?
Who's the customer? How is a problem solved by the product?
What's the short-term and long-term business model?
Who are the sole competing companies? How do you differ?
If so, what do you think is your biggest technical risk?
What are related companies or products? Can there be partners?


Who is into it? Are there any other founders? Send short bios. Part-time or full-time?
What experience do you have in this space?

The Present State of the Business

What experience do you have in this space?
What do you plan on as your upcoming significant achievement? What do you have to accomplish to get there? When do you have to get it done? What do you expect from it?
Is your financial model complete? From the CFO's point of view, are you in good condition?
Are there legal laws in that place (founders contract, corporation, etc.)?
Are the system features defined? Wireframe? Functional specifications?
What products and marketing tests have you conducted so far?
Did you raise money? Or how do you fund some of the following milestones?

Accomplish your company desires with CTO services.

Software architecture

CTOs, with your prior consultation, aid in designing a superior architecture fulfilling your future requirements and needs.

Quality assurance and control

CTOs are responsible for the architecture and management of the team in order to reduce the number of faults and vulnerabilities in order to produce dependable software that improves the user experience.

Team management

A CTO with profound experience will definitely lead a development team to bring their knowledge and industry expertise to sustain better results.

Tech strategy

Experienced CTOs develop a scalable technical strategy for a project to make it future-proof, covering their long-term objectives.

CTO As Services

Full-time CTO

If you’re having trouble implementing a new product, you can employ a third-party CTO to help you out. A CTO’s role is difficult to engage in if you’re a small-budget startup, and therefore, you can sign a temporary contract with a CTO for that amount of time when you really cannot go without them.

Part-time CTO

If you’re looking for a CTO on a long-term basis, it could take months until you find out someone fit. However, it should not be impactful on the software development process. All advice and assistance can be provided to you by a part-time professional.


If you’re still brainstorming ideas and gathering technical specifications. A chief technology officer (CTO) is someone who can convert business requirements into technical jargon and suggest product solutions that will benefit your project.

Do you need a qualified CTO?

Most experienced CTOs will put effort into your product right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes we do

What are the advantages of a CTO-as-a-Service model?

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) aids start-ups and established businesses in developing to build new products from the foundation or improving existing tech solutions, meeting deadlines, sticking to budgets, and managing development teams.

Should I contact you for a free (equity-only) development?

No. We can probably help with technical strategy for little or no money, but hard-core development usually requires that you have found someone to do it for you in exchange for equity or that you have some cash on hand.

Is it necessary for me to write up the overview?


Can you assist me in finding a life sciences CTO?

No. Unfortunately, we specialize in web, mobile, application, and database development. We can definitely assist you with a wide range of systems, but when it comes to hardcore development (developing a new substance, bioengineering, etc.) or hard-core engineering (new gadgets), the CTO (Chief Scientist) has an entirely different meaning.

Can you assist me in obtaining funding?

If your main concern right now is how to raise capital, that’s unfortunately not us. Over time, we may be able to assist you with this because we can assess your technological approach. Some people, on the other hand, assist businesses in raising funds.

When is it appropriate for a company to recruit a CTO?

Several factors determine whether or not your organization should hire a CTO. If you need a high-level technical specialist to lead the development process, the most common choice is to hire a Chief Technology Officer.

When could you enlist the help of a CTO?

  • You lack technical knowledge.
  • You desire to undergo digital transformation.
  • Your project team requires a leader.
  • You must move your business ahead.

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