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With MVC architecture, Phalcon is a PHP framework, used to develop web applications. It is an open source full stack framework delivering high performance. This framework develops faster, robust and feature-rich web applications.

Why hire Our Developers for Phalcon Development Services?

Professionals with 6+ years of experience
NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)
Free Consultation
Free trial for a week
Flexible Prices
We don’t believe in restrictions, work for as long as you want- No contracts
No Upfront Payments
Free Maintainence & Support

Benefits of working with Phalcon


The compatibility of Phalcon with C programming language and concurrence with ORM method makes association between database and data easier and accessible.


Fewer Files

The speed and efficiency of this framework is attributed to the need for lesser files and resources. This also means that there is no lag, with less server space consumed.


MVC architecture

When an application is developed by Phalcon, any request sent by the user will be managed by the MVC architecture, which makes it easier to develop large projects.


Volt Molding Motor

The default template on Phalcon Volt framework makes the process of design and development easier and quicker.


Our Services

Phalcon Portal Development
Flask Development Services
Website Development
phalcon redesign
Phalcon Website Re-design and Migration
Phalcon CMS Development
Phalcon Web Customisation
Phalcon Website Maintainence and Support
Customized Phalcon development services

Why choose Metricoid for Phalcon Development?

We at Metricoid, believe in building a relationship with our clients. Our priority is to deliver services and products that are not even an inch away from what they envisioned. We acknowledge the fact that our success is our clients’ success and strive to reflect this professional integrity in our work. Our team of highly qualified professionals are experienced in working with several industries.  We aim to provide a smooth experience to our clients.
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Our Other Services

MVP (Minimal Viable Product).
Custom web applications – SaaS, eCommerce, CRM.
PWA (Progressive Web Applications).
Custom Web Design
API Development & Integration
Data Science
Real Time BI Dashboards & Data Visualization.
Machine Learning Predictions


What would be the cost of Phalcon application development?

The cost is dependent on many factors. Scale, number of developers working on your project, complexities, time required for development are some major determinants of the cost. You can contact us and after a round of free consultation, we can give you an estimate of the cost.

Are your development solutions secure?

Yes, our solutions are 100% safe. Our team of professionals have been working in this domain for over 14 years now, using the latest technologies and developing unique, intuitive and efficient applications for your business.  We aim to focus on safety and security.

Are there any additional costs in the development services?

No, we do not charge anything additional, apart from the estimated costs that have been discussed previously. However, after development you can opt for post-development support services for maintenance and debugging. But, that option will be provided to you after the development process and you can decide accordingly.

How long does it take to develop a Phalcon web application?

This framework allows a developer to build applications rapidly. However, the total time taken depends on features, complexity and customisation involved. You can contact us and after a round of free consultation, we can give you an estimate of the time required for completion.

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