HealthCare Application Development

Why is a healthcare application necessary?

HealthCare solutions help hospitals reduce paperwork and cater to more patients with less manpower. Files and data can be easily stored, maintained and accessed when and as required.

A HealthCare platform can be used in different ways. It can be used to engage with patients and doctors, share personalised experiences or share knowledge between providers and patients. Such platforms raise awareness which helps in self monitoring, noticing symptoms, taking medical assistance readily and so on. With top-notch solutions and services, such applications can minimise errors in diagnosis and help in prevention of chronic diseases. These applications make healthcare possible as well as efficient.

Why Hire our Developers for healthcare application services?

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Solutions offered by Metricoid

HealthCare telemdicine
Telemedicine software
Automated billing with EHR.
Captivating video appointments.
Data analysis of patient’s health trends and physicians performance.
Vital tracking and diagnosis.
HealthCare Chronic
Chronic disease management
Customised mobile apps for chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.
Medication schedules and notifications.
Health data analytics and notifications on abnormal trends.
Telemedicine appointments.
Motivation inducing techniques like social media integration, rewards, etc.
HealthCare Remote
Remote patient monitoring (RPM)
Alerts to doctors and/or caregivers in situations of health emergency or illness
RPM data upload to integrated healthcare IT systems (e.g., EHR, HIE).
Analysis and storage of information regarding the patient’s vitals and trends by the RPM systems.
Patient Management
Health education apps consisting of information on wellness, nutrition tips, prevention and treatment.
Portals and applications (schedules, prescriptions, etc.).
Tracking of health data to check for chronic diseases and their management/ treatment.
Digital therapeutics (DTx)
Prevention programs designed for each disease.
Disease and symptoms, prevention and management: triggers, spreaders, alerts, etc.
custom web
Custom healthcare services

We modify our solutions to suit your needs and cater to the numerous challenges you may be facing. With customised solutions tailored exactly to your requirements, integrating technology has never been easier.

Achieve your business goals and visions with idiosyncratic and innovative designs and solutions.


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Why choose Metricoid to build your HealthCare platform?

Metricoid has over 14 years of experience in providing technology solutions and in software development, and delivers high quality services and best experience to their clients. A professional and supportive team with professional integrity is available to create the best platforms and make the process seamless for them. We provide customised solutions to our clients at flexible prices within an appropriate time.
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