FinTech Application Development

Why is FinTech application necessary?

FinTech allows data to be monetised. From consulting services to software engineering, Metricoid delivers to your satisfaction, making your business/ brand a cut above the rest.

Why Hire Our Developers for FinTech Application Development?

Free trial for a week
No Upfront Payments
Professionals with 14+ years of experience
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Flexible Prices
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Services offered by Metricoid

Banking App
Banking development

Our experts build digital banking platforms stitched to align with your business goals. Digital wallets and mobile banking apps focused on the customer/ user can be developed seamlessly with our FinTech development services.

insurance app
Insurance development

With customised insurance application development, our team focuses on providing an intuitive design and focusing on challenges faced by the companies that can be resolved with technical solutions.

Mobile Accounting Development

Our apps are compatible for iOS and android devices making accounting operations like profit/ loss statements, bank balances, tax deadlines, etc. seamless.

Financial Development

Personalised financial apps that are safe and secure when dealing with sensitive information, caters to business needs and meets the industry requirements.

Wallet Development

Digital wallet apps make the process of payment easy and convenient. Also adding rewards, coupons and rewards for each payment, help build a loyal customer base.

custom web
Custom FinTech services

We modify our solutions to suit your needs and cater to the numerous challenges you may be facing. With customised solutions tailored exactly to your requirements, integrating technology has never been easier.

Achieve your business goals and visions with idiosyncratic and innovative designs and solutions.


Case Study

Check out the latest fintech websites/ applications developed by us

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Why choose Metricoid to build your FinTech platform?

Metricoid has over 14 years of experience in providing technology solutions and in software development, and delivers high quality services and best experience to their clients. A professional and supportive team with professional integrity is available to create the best platforms and make the process seamless for them. We provide customised solutions to our clients at flexible prices within an appropriate time.
Create your next FinTech project with us!


How much does developing an FinTech platform cost?

The cost depends on- Scale, number of developers working on your project, complexities, time required for development are some major determinants of the cost. You can contact us and after a round of free consultation, we can give you an estimate of the cost.

What FinTech development services do you offer?

Metricoid offers personalised solutions to businesses ranging from startups to big companies. Our services include platform development, data analytics and so on.

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