Documents and Records Management

Why is management of documents and records necessary?


Managing documents has never been easier. With numerous services and solutions offered by Metricoid, keep characteristic designation of items stored with specific notations.

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Solutions we provide for Documents & Records Management Companies

Documents Realtime
Realtime Dashboard and Reporting

This allows the company to access statistics of the documents and information stored, location of these documents, etc.

Documents Barcode
Barcode, Containers and Item Management

Get a detailed and systematic description of the items stored, their containers and the barcodes to access them. This makes accessing documents hassle-free.

Documents Pickup
Pickup and delivery Management

Requesting pickup or finding the address and delivering the items can be a tedious task, but with years of experience in this domain, we make this process smooth and efficient.

Documents Management
Depositors Management

Creating profiles, accessing data from different locations and managing overall responsibilities is made efficient, effective and quick with depositors management.

Multi level Roles and Permissions

In a company with numerous employees with their own responsibilities, analysing and reviewing data can be challenging. With this solution, multiple users can have access to the documents based on their role and position.

Scanner integration

Scanning and uploading copies is a long and complicated process. With Scanner integration, you can scan and create copies at a common spot which can then be uploaded in the system associated with their container and barcode.

Version Control

Amendments and changes are automatically saved which means you don’t need to make new copies every time you make any modifications.

3rd Party APIs Integration

To power your application, we can help ypu integrating other business’s app or web services.

custom web
Custom Services

Our team of professionals create customised solutions to tackle the various challenges you might be facing to keep the data and records organised. With the best solutions customised for your business, keep your company data and information in a systemised order.

Key Features

Document Version Control

Every time the file is modified, a new version is created automatically. The tools provided make the process of editing seamless.

Single Sign-On

User authentication has never been easier with Active Directory and LDAP without the need of separate accounts. Emails from the servers can easily be configured.

Scanner Integration

Scan directly using any TWAIN compatible scanner.

Auto Folder Structure

This feature is time effective and stores information consistently.

API integration

The API integrations work effortlessly on third-party applications having a user friendly interface.

Why choose Metricoid to build your record and document platform?

Metricoid has over 14 years of experience in providing technology solutions and in software development, and delivers high quality services and best experience to their clients. A professional and supportive team with professional integrity is available to create the best platforms and make the process seamless for them. We provide customised solutions to our clients at flexible prices within an appropriate time.
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