Django Development Services

What is Django?

Django is a Python-based framework that follows the model-template-view architecture and is open-sourced. It is a rapid development framework that makes the process of developing applications faster and easier with a simple and efficient design.

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Benefits of using Django

SEO Friendly

Code written in this framework is readable and adaptable that makes it SEO friendly. The URLs generated are understandable even by untrained users. This is one of the major features of using Django.


Libraries and Utilities

The numerous libraries provide solutions that enhance the performance and capabilities of the language. ORM makes interaction between databases seamless.


Community Support

A large community support is always advantageous as all the questions and problems are addressed along with feedback. Along with seeking help from developers, assisting others in the community allows one to build a strong network.


Extendable components and plugins

The framework has certain features that assist with regular tasks. It allows integration of payment gateways, manages accessibility and so on. Hence, it is the best option for a content management system.


Automatic admin panel

Upgrading and downgrading application versions has never been easier. Data migration to different platforms is simple and effective with Yii. It also provides a stronger control over the database modifications.


Services Offered by Metricoid

Django Development Service -Testing
Testing and Risk Management

We secure the web application by analysing the code and documentation, with our Django code auditing services.

Django Development Service - stability
Project Stabilisation

With activity monitoring, checking for defects and creating a pathway for the development process, we stabilise your project.

Django Development Service - Prototype
Prototype Development

We offer guidance and development of a prototype in the initial stages of the development process to check the feasibility of the idea and further on provide suggestions and support to move the idea forward and conceptualise it after thorough analysis and feedback.

Django Development Service -Testing
Product Management

With years of experience in development, we help maintain the web applications by upgrading the application and fixing bugs to ensure consistent performance of the app.

Django Development Service-review
Planning and Review

To build sustainable, robust and scalable applications, a strong infrastructure planning is imperative. We analyse your infrastructure and make suggestions to accomplish higher and better results.

Django Development Service - Maintainence

After development, we offer maintenance services that help fix any errors and bugs, making the application sustainable

Django Development Service - custom
Customised Django Development Sevices

With modified solutions that suit your needs venture into new technical areas. We work together to customise the best solution for you.

Process of Development

Django Requirements
Understanding your requirements

We understand the company’s needs, visions and objectives so that the necessary functionalities can be integrated into the product. This also allows us to build a pathway for the development process establishing conceptualisation and transparency.

Django Designing

Our team of developers create trending designs that are aesthetically appealing as well as responsive. We strive to satisfy the client as well as provide a friendly interface for the users.

Django Prototype

We build a basic application so as to test the basic idea and appearance of the app as well as to see user’s reaction and gather their feedback. After thorough analysis we then work towards eliminating any errors or bugs.

Django Development

Using the Yii framework, we develop superior quality mobile apps, formulated exactly to your satisfaction.

Django Qulity
Quality Assurance

With thorough testing, we ensure that the user experience is top-notch. We also make sure that the application is bug free after a series of tests before it is launched.

Django deployment
Deployment and Maintainence

We deploy the product to the various app stores and even after launching the app we do not end this association. We will offer support and maintenance services to make sure that the app is up and running without any roadblocks.

Django customisation
Customised Django Development Services

With modified solutions that suit your needs, venture into new areas. We work together to customise the best solution for you.

Features of Django Framework

Django Development
Scalable and Versatile
In-depth Testing
Quick Development
Safe and Secure

Why Choose Metricoid?

We at Metricoid, believe in building a relationship with our clients. Our priority is to deliver services that are not even an inch away from what they envisioned. We acknowledge the fact that our success is our clients’ success and strive to reflect this professional integrity in our work. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who are experienced in working with several industries. Our goal is to provide a smooth experience to our clients.
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What would be the cost of django application development?

The cost is dependent on many factors. Scale, number of developers working on your project, complexities, time required for development are some major determinants of the cost. You can contact us and after a round of free consultation, we can give you an estimate of the cost.

Are your development solutions secure?

Yes, our solutions are 100% safe. Our team of professionals have been working in this domain for over 14 years now, using the latest technologies and developing unique, intuitive and efficient applications for your business. Our main priority is to focus on safety and security.

Are there any additional costs in the development services?

No, we do not charge anything additional, apart from the estimated costs that have been discussed previously. However, after development you can opt for post-development support services for maintenance and debugging. But, that option will be provided to you after the development process and you can decide accordingly.

How long does it take to develop a django web application?

This framework allows a developer to build applications rapidly. However, the total time taken depends on features, complexity and customisation involved. You can contact us and after a round of free consultation, we can give you an estimate of the time required for completion. Protection Status