List of top 5 Mind-Boggling AI Platforms in 2023.

ChatGPT is a platform where you can generate any kind of content automatically. Recently launched its 4th version which can not only read text but can also read, images, videos and sounds.  

Synthesia is as easy as writing your script and synthesia will give you an relevant automated video for your given script.

You may have imagine some image for your content but you can't get that, then just type what kind of image you want and DALL-E will give you that image. 

Want to build your own site or an app but don't know coding, Worry not !!!! with its AI technology can help you build your own site by just instructing the AI.

This AI powered tool combines Code, NoCode and MicroApps to create a powerful development suite. You can easily replicate an application like Netflix and add your own branding in it.

Looking at all this if you are tempted to build your own AI platform then Metricoid Technology is here to help you out that too at a very low development cost.