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Scalable, Robust, Fast but ECONOMICAL –  In this innovation-hungry era, just a good idea is simply not enough. You need execution and custom business apps make a tremendous difference to that end. We know what it takes to conceive, develop, and make your startup successful. We have helped tens of startups, would be happy to help you too.

Why we love working with Startups

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some really amazing startups, helping them launch or improve products that you may even be using today.

We want to change the world with our clients

For a startup founder, the work is more than a job. It’s life. They pour themselves into it, it’s their passion. They set out to change the world, and most fund it from their own pockets. They have assembled a small team and are lean and hungry.

A startup can start from nothing and build something that will make a difference, or disrupt something that’s not as good as it could be. They improve quality of life for people.

That’s what excites us about working with the startup founders who come to us. Metricoid wants to change the world alongside its clients.

Our team is cultivated of people who embrace the startup mindset and culture. We are as proud of our team as we are of our clients.

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    We help Startups to convert their dream into reality

    Proof of Concept

    Sometimes, a small jumping-off point is all you need to prove your startup concept to your investors. We can help you with that. We’ll design and develop your initial project—or “minimum viable product”—with consideration for future plans. This will enable you to get to market quickly, easily, and affordably.

    Architecture & Strategy

    We can help you plot the design, development, and business model for your startup idea. Having worked with countless startups from conception to acquisition, we understand the goals, challenges, and requirements of making your dream become a reality.

    Ongoing Improvements

    No startup is ever quite finished. It’s ever-evolving, changing as it grows. We’ll be there throughout your startup product’s lifecycle to nuture it along the way, offering design, development, and guidance to ensure that it can flourish.

    Unbeatable Support

    Being an Metricoid client means having an adaptive, responsive partner to handle your needs and requests at all times. And for those who need 24/7/365 support, we’re available whenever necessary to make sure your ship is sailing smoothly.

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