We work with startups and help them exposure to investors. We will make sure that your completed product meets the next round of investments that will help it grow.

At first, it is the idea

You can rely on the best prototype because we will understand precisely what your needs are.


We will help you keep up-to-date on new trends in development, design and technical parameters so your startup can be competitive on the market.


We will always be sure that your services are working and well maintained.

Small Businesses

You have a business that reached a certain stage and is wondering what to do now? Do you have a site that does not have the expected revenue and development? Here comes Мetricoid ‘s team to help!

Business And Marketing Planning

We offer a high-value consulting service that can help you achieve tangible results, increasing your sales with business automation, cloud services, developing the perfect websites and apps and brand stability.

IT Consultation By Long-Term Professionals

Our specialists with years of experience in IT and entrepreneurship will give you the directions that your business needs for its development.

IT Audit Of Your Business

Our specialists will make a full inspection of your advertising, marketing, and overall online business strategy.


Because our customers are also our partners. Our clients always receive a personal approach.


Whether you need to create an entirely new infrastructure or mobile solution, replace an aging system or expand its capacity, you can rely on Мetricoid in every direction to develop the best possible strategy.


We will guide you through the best workflow that meets your business goals, ensuring the best connectivity and cross-platform solutions.

Consulting and Maintaining

Despite the rapid development of information technology, we always strive to offer a solution that will not only be relevant today, but the investment will be worthwhile and time proven.