We get your challenges — business travel managers have to juggle multiple details, from their clients’ employee data and multi-supplier relationships to policy tracking and reporting, all while keeping the bar of client service consistently high.


Metricoid take you to the future of business travel management with a go-to toolset that helps you:

  • Gain a clear 360-degree picture of each client’s account
  • Bring together scattered suppliers’ offers in one centralized system
  • Reduce the risk of going over a client’s budget
  • Optimize otherwise fragmented travel management workflows at all levels

This is made possible through our comprehensive business travel management software that is presented by the core Metricoid Travel Enterprise system plus multiple extensions, both ready-made and built to order.

We Build Business Travel Software with Users in Mind

We make sure our business travel management solutions are tailored to the teams both on the service providers and clients sides, and fit into their ecosystems seamlessly:

How We Make Business Travel Management Easie

With our travel management software, you get all your workflows figured out so that your clients can enjoy the benefits of a full corporate travel management package

Client Profile Management

For getting all details at hand, including preferences and loyalty memberships.

Order Management

For end-to-end tracking of orders, complete with invoice and receipt reconciliation.

Corporate Policy Compliance

For ensuring orders and travel spend comply with your clients’ business travel policies.

Travel Spend Control

For keeping track of lowest prices vs actual spend and controlling allocated budgets.

Search and Booking

For finding better deals for your clients through a wide choice of integrated suppliers and/or self-operated inventory.

Authorization & Approvals

For setting up order authorization flows and speeding up approvals.

Travel Documents Issuing

For managing and verifying all travel documents per each traveler, free-form or based on templates.


For getting visibility on your key operational metrics, including corporate policy adherence.

Rethink your Corporate Travel management with Metricoidtech.

Core Automation with Travel Enterprise – B2B

B2B is one of our key functional subsystems that offers the ultimate set of features for corporate travel.

The module offers two modes of work allowing operators or agencies to either register and manage their corporate client accounts themselves or granting their clients with a direct access to the self-booking tool.


Adopting this business travel management software, you get access to a broad scope of features:

  • Configuration of client profiles
  • Personalizing profiles with branding elements and travelers’ preferences
  • Creation of complex orders with diverse travel services from multiple suppliers
  • Search by filters and selection of best offers
  • Direct booking from suppliers, including tour operators’ own inventory
  • Keeping track of booking confirmations, invoices and receipt

B2B automates every essential feature of corporate travel, yet there’s always room for more capabilities. That is why we offer a range of extensions to enable advanced travel management.

Enterprise Management is another subsystem within Travel Enterprise  that contains multiple customizable modules for you to enrich your services.

You are free to add all or choose yours out of these options

Extended Employee’s Profiles

For easier customization of corporate policies and order approval procedures.

Corporate Policy

For precise monitoring of business travel policy compliance and violations.

Tripartite Agreements

For applying client's privileges with preferred suppliers

Business Travel Management

For issuing and validating related documentation such as business trip permits and expense reports.


For automating order authorization and approval workflows.

Budget Control

For reporting on the disparities between minimal offer prices and final prices on orders.

Hierarchical Structure of Corporate Clients

For centralized account management of clients with multiple branches and divisions.

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