Technology has changed ways of working for all business, but there are few areas where it has led to such ground breaking changes as travel. The requirements and complexities of travel suppliers’ technical specs can really surprise you. Metricoid is here to partner with you in order to make this task easy and quick, so that you can focus on your business and leave the technicalities to us.

By implementing travel API integrations, you get easy and transparent access to thousands of third-party travel products/services. This is your opportunity to become the digital destination of choice for travelers and your partners with a variety of product options and their combinations.It not only broadens your clientele but also turns your travel portal into the best in class solution for all round needs of travelers.

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We Integrate Travel APIs For

travel solutions

Online Travel Agencies

Travel Wholesalers

Tour Operators


Airlines and Cruise Companies

Business Travel Agencies

Plug into Travel Industry on a New Scale

By building multiple travel API integrations into your existing or future booking systems,  you can transform  your business, and here’s how:

  • Bring everything under one hood so that your customers have a choice – and can make this choice conveniently.
  • Maximize your revenue by choosing the most competitive offers among multiple sellers.
  • Keep all the integrations up to date with no need to care about it yourself – our team does it for you.
  • Grow from local to global in practically no time.

In Travel Technology for 15+ years, we’ll be happy to share more reasons for you to go for Travel API Integrations with us.


Connect to Market-leading Suppliers

We tailored our APIs integration services around the full list of travel products. Whether you’re looking the end to end solution for flight booking system, or the best in class holiday packages, or hotel xml/json connections, you are sure to find them in our extensive list of travel connectors at available to you.

Flight Consolidators


Car Rental Aggregators

Train Lines

Cruise Lines


travel solutions

Tour Operators

Transfer Companies

Channel Managers

Events and Excursions Suppliers

Your Travel API Integration Options

We offer two routes to seamlessly connect your backend with your top market suppliers of choice. You are free to go either way: to integrate our ready-made  Travel Hub and benefit from 90+ existing connections to different suppliers, or order a completely custom solution, be it for hotel, flight, or any other type of travel product search and booking API integration.

90+ Featured Connectors

  • Quick launch and minimized time to market
  • Real-time data synchronization

99.9% Uptime Rate

  • Simplified certification process with preferred suppliers
  • Hotel mapping support

Go Custom with Bespoke Integrations

This is your way to enrich the systems you’re already using with custom travel API integrations.
Once you pick this option, we’ll ramp up a team of dedicated integration developers to deliver all the required services. We work with any programming languages and frameworks so that you don’t have to compromise on your preferred technologies.

  • Lift stressful integration workload off your IT team’s shoulders
  • Leverage our specialized travel technology expertise
  • Fully own the process and the intellectual property that goes in it
  • Save your integration costs on our competitive rates.

Our customers made integrations with different Travel APIs as their business development tool. Stay by Metricoidtech to take this step easily.

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