Software Development For Digital Agencies

Our Approach

We receive your brief and prepare a bespoke proposal for you

We will take a closer look at your brief to gain an in-depth understanding of your business needs. We will then prepare a bespoke proposal for you and schedule a meeting to discuss it in detail.

Code Audit

If you approach us with a solution you would like to improve, we will carry out a code audit to examine its current state and develop strategies for addressing them.

Analysis of project requirements and business needs

If you approach with an idea for an application, we will first carry out a detailed requirement analysis to define its architecture and choose the best technologies.

Team Building

We then build a team for your project, ensuring that every developer has the required skills and complements the skill sets of other members.


Candidate verification (technical and soft skills)

When verifying candidates, we pay attention to soft skills such as communication and collaboration because they guarantee successful cooperation.

Team onboarding

Yay, your team is ready! We now introduce its members to the project, assign roles and responsibilities, and start coding

Recent Client Success

Software Development For Digital Agencies FAQ.

How can digital agencies benefit from custom software engineering?

By building custom software solutions, agencies can provide their clients with significant business value that builds their competitive advantage. However, agencies rarely have the right expertise on board. That’s why they cooperate with software development companies that specialize in various technologies, as well as services such as product design.

What does cooperating with Metricoid look like?

We primarily follow the Agile Project Management methodology with the following default routine:

  • Work is divided into 2-week-long sprints
  • There’s a sprint planning session at the beginning of each sprint
  • We organize a sprint review (with demo) and retrospective sessions at the end of each sprint
  • During the sprint, we hold daily stand-up meetings.

Our teams can adjust their workflow in projects where the process is already well-defined and follow the existing practices.

Do you use agile methodologies in every project?

Our basic software development process is based on an agile framework called Scrum. However, our teams are flexible and can adjust to any custom project management approach.

How quickly can you start a (new) project?

We can start a new project within 2-4 weeks from signing the contract and making the initial project estimation.

What happens after the work is done?

Once the project has been completed, we are happy to provide you with continuous support and maintenance services. If a new requirement arises and you want to change a feature or add a new one, we can scale the team up again to meet the changing demands of your application.

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