Small & Medium Business Software Development

Our Approach

We receive your brief and prepare a bespoke proposal for you

Our experts will analyze your brief to understand your business needs better. We need to have a clear vision of the problem you want to solve or goal to achieve with our help. We then prepare a bespoke proposal for you and schedule a meeting to discuss it in detail.

Requirement analysis

Once we agree on the general features of the project, we will get down to a detailed requirement analysis. That’s how we come up with the architecture for you solution or decide which technologies will work best in your project.

Scoping session or Code audit

During a scoping session, we carefully analyze the scope of your project to suggest improvements. If you approach us with a solution, we’ll carry out a code audit to see what we need to work on.

Product development strategy

If you approached us because you needed our help in building a product for your company, at this point we’re ready to code! We deliver parts of your solution according to the set timeframe and approach (like Scrum).


Team building to match your needs for tech expertise

If you got in touch with us because you needed to scale your technical team with extra development experts, we begin the process of building a team for you.

Candidate verification (technical and soft skills)

We make sure that every developer in your team has the skills you need and complements the skills sets of other team members. We pay attention to soft skills such as communication and collaboration because they ensure smooth cooperation with you.


Team onboarding

Once the team is ready, it’s time to introduce its members to the project, assign roles and responsibilities, and start coding!

Recent Client Success

SMB/SME Software Development FAQ.

Is custom software a good solution for small and medium businesses?

Custom software development is a smart move for SMBs because it offers them a chance to get the exact solution they need. Tailor-made software will include only the features your teams require to increase their productivity and satisfaction. In the long run, custom software is more cost-effective because companies don’t have to invest in licenses and other costs.

Will a project manager be assigned to my project? / Will there be a project manager assigned to my team?

Depending on the type of engagement, we can assign a project manager to the team who will act as the bridge between the development team and the client.

Can I see what you work on regularly?

Sure, we like to keep our clients in the loop during the development process. You can see what our team is working on in a number of ways:

Do your teams work on-premise?

We welcome and appreciate every opportunity to visit each other and work together from the same office. We tend to keep such visits down to a reasonable length and frequency, i.e., a few days up to a week, every month or two.

Can a small company benefit from PWA?

Businesses looking to launch digital products for both web and mobile platforms should invest in PWA. If you’d like to speed up the development of your app and build a solution that will work on iOS and Android, PWA is a great choice too.

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