Buying and selling are enlightening only if the customer’s personal information and data are safeguarded. When these and many more information is secured, it will definitely save you money aside building your platform’s integrity. Engage the services of our connoisseur consultants and enlarge your platform.

“Securing a computer system has traditionally been a battle of wits: the penetrator tries to find the holes and the designer tries to close them.” Gosser

Security is a collective effort of experts and it is a continuous process. The more we look at the success story of our establishment, the more we have villains trying to break into our system. Therefore, we shouldn’t settle for the least attainable but grow wiser and stronger as our foes.

The more you become part of our business consultancy sections, the more your system become protected and reserved.  Please, explore the security consultancy services offered by our connoisseurs and obtain a value for your money.

Transaction Safeguard

Having a good online shopping platform is centred on the good or positive enlightenment of your customers. Building a platform that will safeguard your customers’ credit cards and other information will build confidence in your service. This will, however, promote your brand recognition.

What is Transaction Safeguard?

In conducting business, there is a need to protect every sector. The act of safeguarding a business transaction or instance of buying or selling is regarded as Transaction Safeguard. It involves a sophisticated process (a step by step approach) to dealing with loopholes in our business transactions.

Web Application Security

In a web structure, it comprises data. Some of which were placed by a third party (visitors) while others by the developers. These data can be sometimes compromised by hackers. Hence, there is a need to grow with the trend and be able to develop a veil so difficult for your foes to access. Engage the services of our experts in web app development and get your platform secured.

What is Web Application Security?

Web app security is simply creating a solid wall for your website that will avert the entry of hackers. It is the continuous improvement of one’s platform (website) with the use of certain tools to avert it from being retrieved by an illicit personnel or body of entities.

Database Security

Data are set of raw information stored in a platform. It is a critical part of any system. In fact, it is the characters, quantities, or symbols on which operations are performed.

It will be a disaster if the success story of an establishment is wiped out within seconds of malfunction or compromise. You can never tell the capacity of a competitor for instance; they will employ all means to see that our success is being derailed. Employ the services of our experts and get your data secured.

What is Database Security?

Data are set of raw information stored in a platform. They include functions, forms, and links among others.  Securing these characters, quantities, or symbols on which operations are performed is regarded as Database Security.

Host Security

New and emerging threats are perceived in all sectors. Ideas which were meant to be confidential are sometimes leaked out through mismanagement of our host. The nature of personnel we involve with goes a long way in influencing the security of our data (especially those confidential). It has always been centred on the cost. What more can be incurred in initiating something that was once at the fingertips? Employ the service of our experts and obtain a better security to your network and data hosts.

What is Host Security?

Network host or simply host is a base to which several computers and gadgets are connected. Securing a host of attacks and ejection of vital information is regarded as Host security.

Anti-Malware & Phishing

How often should we get to make changes to our passwords? What messages and information should be taken lightly as regards the security of our financial and technical resources? It is good to be informed in the area of malware and phishing so as not to fall victim to cyber theft. Get our connoisseurs included in your financial and technical security. Save yourself an extra-cost today.

What are Anti-Malware and Phishing?

Anti-Malware is a set of software packages delivered to your computer by certain platforms claiming to provide adequate security in other to steal vital resources. Phishing, on the other hand, is the delivery of certain information (mostly false) to a host on the basis of retrieving vital data from them as regards their financial and/or technical resources. Protection Status