generate traffic

Analyze and find keywords

Keyword research is the equivalent of marketing potential customers. To find the right keywords, we need to analyze consumer behavior. Success in this process can significantly increase your market share.

Website Traffic Analysis

We will analyze visitors’ behavior on your site by answering questions like: how long they spend on the site, where they come from, which pages you visit and other useful statistics. The idea is that with this analysis, we will be able to optimize the flow of visitors and manipulate their behavior.

generate traffic

Competition analysis

To have more clarity about your business market, we will analyze 5 of your biggest competitors. We will explore how they approach their SEO optimization and website development strategy.

The final result we want to achieve – attracting the target audience and turning it into real clients!

Analysis of website traffic and competition

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Why Mericoid

We strive to justify repeatedly the money the client invests in SEO optimization. Our goal is to improve our customers’ positions in search engines, attracting as much quality traffic as possible. Offering quality SEO optimization, we will be able to generate organic traffic. It will increase the number of conversions on your site. With choosing Metricoid you will get:

Higher search rank

Your site will appear on top of search engine rankings for keywords relevant to your business.

Greater organic traffic

Looking for you in search engines, many more users will find you. Organic traffic will not only increase your traffic but also save you money.

Durable results

Good SEO optimization is a very good long-term investment that will save you the cost of advertising over time.

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