FAQs: Design

It will fit properly on any device and monitor because each item on the site can be positioned differently depending on the width of the user’s screen.
It is not necessary, as modern site programming methods allow each item of the site to be positioned according to the width of the user’s screen.
Yes, you will have complete control over all texts, photos, articles, contact information, and more
No. No special skills are needed to have complete control over all elements of your site — more about creating a website here (link).
To order a web site design, you can submit our form (link) or contact us through my contact details.

FAQs: Development

The price is individual and depends on site size, complexity, number and type of items, desired functionality, whether finished or programmed, etc. We can only give you a price after a conversation with you.
Yes, it is possible. It is first necessary to specify what additional features you would like to integrate into the site, whether it is possible to integrate them and after a final judgment on my part, to form a price for the changes made.
The Application Programming Interface (API) is the source code interface that the operating system or its low-level libraries offer to support applications from application software or computer programs. This achieves efficiency and speed at the adaptation of new software technologies.

FAQs: Digital Strategy

CMS (Content Management System) are content management systems that help millions of Internet users around the world to quickly and easily create sites and generate and share content on the web, often with little or no computer knowledge.
E-Commerce is e-commerce, or else the art of being able to create, manage and develop businesses that sell online. Most online stores, but not only. Recently, one of the biggest trends is the P2C (Producer to Consumer) business model in which producers start selling directly to end-users over the Internet.
In fact, whether you choose OpenCart, Magento, WooCommerce or any other system will not matter for the financial success of your first store. All three solutions have a large assortment of quality themes. Starting an online store and choosing a product to sell online is not an easy task, we’ll help you make the best choices.
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