Product Development Case Study Base on Data Transformation & Saas Transformation


Industry: SaaS, Data transformation

Services: Digital transformation and Product Engineering, Data Visualization

Year: 2020

Product Engineering

Entire product development based on the concept of Data transformation SaaS solution with advanced visualization tools from a common service provider.



The client is a SaaS company providing a Data integration and transformation platform which integrates data from various sources and helps in its transformation, visualization and collaboration with all the team members of an organization. Everything is customizable as per the requirements of the client and offers a much comprehensive and user friendly solution to data management contrary to conventional tools available in the industry.

About Project

Metricoid had to create all of the technology needed for the company to implement its data transformation solution concept and provide critical support systems throughout the product cycle.

Validating the hypothesis for a business case

The client had a potential data transformation business solution and needed a comprehensive product developed by industry professionals to put it into action. To construct an effective MVP for the new firm, the client believed in acquiring the whole service on software, product, database, and necessary AI integration from a single vendor.

Building Proof Of Concept

Unlike any other tool available, we had to provide a one-of-a-kind technology to the client company, allowing them to integrate almost all types of data sources used by any company today, and then use the data to analyze, transform, and share with stakeholders in the most user-friendly interface possible. Understanding the business requirements in depth was a major problem. Our researchers took the time to write out each demand in great detail and pass it on to the appropriate developers. Aside from that, testing the product and addressing defects within the time frame was a significant issue.


  •  We have used API based Data Source connector – that connects with more than 100 data sources, uses automation to pull the data from different sources and ingest them to the database, thereby eliminating manual coding work, resulting in a lot of time saved, error prevention and continuous operation of servers 24/7.
  • We have integrated Advanced Visualization tools (Similar to Power BI, Data Studio, Tableau etc.) which give real time insights and make the process of collaboration and presentation of data amongst the stakeholders quite convenient and simplified.
  • Custom Dashboard feature enables clients to have their branding while ensuring highest process visibility, monitoring of resource usage and controlling of all the integration processes at a single place.
  • Best in the industry encryption technology has also been incorporated to provide robust security solutions, meeting standard protocols of the company and the industry. Using cloud integration, data storage and synchronization was made very convenient.
  • A lot of development is still going on to incorporate AI and machine learning to the platform to take the automation to the next level and reduce any sort of manual intervention to as minimum as possible.

Technology WE Use

Project Result

The client’s company has succeeded in converting a large number of businesses across industries to use this technology and reap the benefits of reducing manual coding and reinvesting the time saved in core business progress, resulting in increased profitability.

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