Certifly – Drone based roof measurement solution


About the client:

Certifly is a company based on patented aerial imagery technology dealing with drone based roof measurement and data capturing services for roof insurance companies and individual customers.  

Business challenge faced by the client:

Lack of complete digital solution or platform including web and mobile application to take orders from various roof insurance companies, capture aerial images, analyze them and provide back real time roof measurement reports.  

Our contribution:

Roof measurement has never been an easy affair for general people as well as the insurance companies and there are a lot of challenges in conventional approaches such as DYI drawing tools, satellite images, Aerial imagery etc. and they will not make any difference when time and quality of work are prime considerations.
  • A revamped and scalable technology and digital solution was very much needed and to accomplish the demands, Patented Drone based imagery, integrated with real time data capturing, storage and sharing through cloud network is used.
  • The imagery is of highest resolution, less than a fraction of an inch, meaning better pixels per inch contrary to conventional resolutions as poor as a few inches between each pixel. Also, the technology used is 99% accurate when it comes to drone report measurements. Icing on the cake is the simplistic and easy to use interface and digital platform for the consumers as well as the insurance companies to use the technology on a real time basis.
  • The users or the insurance companies just need to provide the address of the house on the “Tap to Fly, Tap to Order” App and based on the coordinates and information received, the drones will be instantly deployed to capture the snapshots of the roof surface of the house and send the data across on real time basis. The digital solution being used will process the data from the drone, use image processing tools and generate reports based on user requirements.
  • As per the pricing options chosen by the user, reports ranging from as basic as Area, Pitch, Perimeter measurements, linear measurements and display of segments to as specific as Building code, Material list, waste and vent calculations can be generated in customized formats.
  • For successful insurance claims, it is not just good enough to get ordering numbers of materials but also numbers that help in justifying the cost of the claim including; High Pitched areas and Steep. Certifly reports provide data which are claims estimation friendly. Conventional DIY solutions are outdated in these regards.
  • The user can even order reports for multiple locations simultaneously. And to improve the efficiency and speed, we have come up with an indigenous online marketplace that hires freelance diagrammers who instantly draw out the outlines and expedite the report generation process which involves some amount of manual intervention.

Solution highlights:

High accuracy, efficient Drone Imagery, Capturing the data from the drones, Image processing and providing real time updates to the team and the customers through a user friendly “Tap to Fly, Tap to Order” interface, using cloud storage for data sharing and creating indigenous marketplace for hiring diagrammers are some of the major highlights of the project.  

Business benefits:

Certifly has emerged as a reputed and trusted name in providing 3rd party evaluation for roof insurance companies as well as direct consumers, thanks to the claims estimating-friendly reports generated through best in the industry technology and digital solution provided by Metricoid. It has gained significant customer requirements in a very short period of its operation and the growth is exponential. We have been taking care of regular updates and maintenance of all the platforms for the client and we take pride in being their partners in growth till date.  

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