API-first Digital Integration In Existing Ecosystem Of The Logistic Company


Industry: Logistics & Mobility

Services: Digital Transformation, API integration

Year: 2020

Digital Transformation in Logistic sector

Incorporating API-first digital integration in existing ecosystem of the logistic company to enhance productivity and beat competition


About Project

The client wanted a digital ecosystem with unified API connectors that could speed up onboarding and provide real-time integration dashboards for shippers, carriers, and logistics providers, resulting in less manual intervention and more accurate revenue data.


Client is a leading Logistic company in the USA dealing with end -to-end logistic solutions for other business enterprises and individual customers within the States.

Validating the hypothesis for a business case

The Client believed that the logistic sector is transforming significantly due to globalization of supply chains and adoption of API based digital transformation by many players and to survive in the competition and to cater to the changing demands and provide enriching customer experience, revamp of existing ecosystem was necessary and API integration solution to achieve desired goals as proposed by Metricoid was considered optimal by the client.


As a third party logistic player, the company needs reorientation among several players in the supply chain

  • Shippers: Due to rising demand and volume of operations, shippers are increasingly desiring control, visibility of their activities and that of other stakeholders in the supply chain and subsequent cost reduction. They wish to have end-to-end visibility across locations and shipping lanes, telematic dashboards from the carriers to achieve predictive analysis of efficient routes and delivery times, feedback loop from carrier and third party logistics (3PL) to gauge performance and customer satisfaction all of this is believed to help in reduction in cost and increase in revenue.
  • Carriers: Carriers are primarily concerned with improving relationships with shippers and 3PL owners for increase in demand and maximizing revenue while ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction. Technologically, carriers need to comply with the visibility requirements of the shippers through various platforms customized for visibility monitoring, real-time messages and notification of location, timelines and carrier ratings.


  • Creation of a shipping API to enable load-tender-to-invoice process across the shipper, carrier, enabling real-time two way communication between both the parties. This APi also enables exchange of Proof of Delivery (POD) documents between the carrier and the shipper in a much more flexible manner. It also allows for automatic billing between them.
  • Application specific APIs for telematics, enabling location sharing during transit, APIs for warehouses to exchange data with ERPs.
  • End-to-end visibility was ensured through APIs that connect directly with the visibility providers such as Fourkites, electronic logging devices and mobile applications to provide real-time location and route updates.
  • APIs to automate freight matching: APIs were used to enable shippers and third party logistics to choose from multiple carriers and determine the most cost effective route matching in real-time.
  • Backend integration of APIs with the existing SaaS applications in use by the company to ensure seamless integration of all the data and generate necessary reports and visualization in real-time for use by several stakeholders in the supply chain

Technology/Tools Used

Project Results

  • Post implementation of the integration and revamp of the ecosystem, the client noticed a massive change in the business performance compounded by increase in revenue inflow and rise in demand from several customers which usually preferred digital giants and industry leaders. Most of the cost expense, involved in manual labor previously, was brought under control and efficiency enhanced manifolds.
  • Client is very much satisfied with the partnership with Metricoid.¬† As the pricing was competitive and experience provided was state of the art and technology driven, the client continued to approach Metricoid for all other digital solutions required in the ecosystem in due course of time.

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