Concepts for Effective Business & Consulting

It is possible to lend a pen from you and rent it out to you at a price. An opportunity is like the ice on a tile; when it slides, you have little or no control over it. Also, it defrosts with time.

“There are tons of prospects available online today. The more you become part, the more you increase.”

From e-commerce development to Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing among others; we have a broad possibility to broaden the scope and prospect of our business. Here at Amarjit Business Consultancy, we are fortified with experts who are conversant in online marketing. They are creative, independent, vast and ever keen on keeping your business in the eyes of the public.

E-commerce Development Consultancy

A successful e-commerce development is not only being able to stock your platform with the necessary resources but making navigation of these resources easily accessible. A customer will want to patronise again once the service rendered is pleasing.

Engage the services of our consultants. They are immense with the adequate skills to proffer the right module for your business. They are ever equipped to improve your sales by a multiple of five.

What is E-commerce development?

E-commerce Development is simply an improvement of an online platform for your business growth through certain expertise tools for the sales of products and services. It is the process of creating a platform for commercial transactions.

The best result is based on the best inputs. Supplying your platform with relevant and commanding contents enhances your preference ratings, and as such, improves your brand recognition. Engage the services of our SEO experts and get your platform recognised in no time.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a process of making a practical improvement on your website and off your website in other to gain recognition by search engines (such as Google and Bing) results. It involves improving contents and process to enhance the rating by search engines

Revenue Generation Consultancy

Daily, we buy and sell ideas, products and services. The major challenges are analysing the total revenue generated over a specific period of time. This has been made easy today through online revenue generation.

Have you any view as regards revenue generation that you want clarity?  Get connected with our revenue generation experts and learn more. You don’t want to create a platform that will not produce the right results.

What is Revenue Generation?

Revenue Generation is the total revenue generated over a specific period of time. It involves both direct and indirect payment methods. Over the years, it has been used by numerous platforms to aid the growth of their businesses.

Conversion Rate Consultancy

In most cases, a certain online business that involves the sales of one commodity or the other globally uses one single currency. Getting your business at the top is developing the right deal that will ease your customers. Your platform speaks for you in this vein. Engage the services of our consultants.

What is Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate is the value of a person’s currency with respect to other countries currency for the purpose of conversion for transaction motives. There are numerous buyers and sellers globally and with different currencies. The ability to be able to determine the conversion rates for these currencies goes a long way in bringing your business into the limelight.

Online Marketing Consultancy

The core worth of a business is centred on its output and customer perception. From the point of building strategic portfolios to the proposals of ideal information that will engage your customers; Amarjit marketing experts are ever ready to enlarge your market.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing simply means involving certain online tools in marketing to promote one’s business. It involves the advancement of your business using the right tools; creating an advanced workforce, measures and characteristics for your brand recognition and promotion Protection Status