An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of  communication protocols and tools for building software.Now a Days API becomes the foundation for many business modal.

API Development

API is extraordinarily helpful in increasing your internet or mobile app in an open web world. If you’re considering to use API for your web and mobile app, we are going to assist you build one.

API may be a meaninglessness in trendy internet development, that ends up in the communication between totally different internet services. If you own a high-end, dynamic web site and arrange on increasing your internet services through multiple platforms like mobile, tablets, offline package, or if you wish the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with alternative apps, you would like using  API for your internet service. Building RESTful API is difficult and rewarded work, and that we love making superior arthropod genus which will handle an outsize quantity of traffic for your internet and mobile app.

Features of our API development


  Use of standard API KEY & SECRET KEY to allow only the fair usage of services.

  API Endpoints for all objects and their methods in order to cover most of the application.

  Limiting usage of the program based on standard or paid licensing.

  Comprehensive statistics on its usage

  Full API documentation with code samples such that it can be used by a lot of people easily

API Integration Services

Integrate custom API applications with your business websites or web applications.Metricoid has experience with a large variety of web services and  using SOAP, REST ,XML-RPC as well as JSON and other communication methods.

Metricoid, an API integration company helps enterprises to link disparate applications and databases to optimize the worth of existing system. Enterprise applications that amalgamate helpful arthropod genus provide increased practicality than those who add isolation. we tend to assist you build custom API integration that completely matches your enterprise system needs. Through customary and custom arthropod genus linking to third-party applications and websites, we tend to change shoppers in orientating business processes and bring home the bacon higher property.

Our API integration solutions

Payment Gateway

• PayPal
• 2Checkout
• BillDesk
• PayU
• Sage Pay

Shipping Gateway

• FedEx
• Aramex

SMS Gateway

• Clikatell
• Smslane
• Twilio

Social Media API

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• LinkedIn

Google API

• Maps
• Analytics
• YouTube
• Charts
• Search

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Why choose Metricoid for API Development and Intregation

Use of Latest Technologies

We amalgamate complex technologies with proven processes to alleviate redundancy, gaps, and overlaps that exist in any organization

Fluid Interconnectivity

We facilitate back end systems integration to enable seamless inter connectivity across multiple platforms.


Since APIs exposes our application data to an open web world, we follow strict security standards for the API and provide various levels of access.

Well Documentation

Our comprehensive documentation helps developers understand the API. we provide samples for request and response formats.