Metricoid is an offshore software development company in India. We provide more than just custom software development solutions to help organizations transform. We assist them in making a significant difference. Turning a client’s wish list to life. Building on their determination and hope to change the world for the better. Our team has over 12 years of expertise in developing, planning, and delivering end–to–end business solutions. By delivering specialized software development and consulting services to over 60+ enterprises throughout the world, we are delighted to contribute to their prosperity.

Custom Software Development Services We Offer

We develop and implement unique custom software with a strong emphasis on production time. Because we provide custom software development, UI/UX design, and testing all in-house, Metricoid’s multi-disciplined development team provides an incredibly cost-effective solution. Being a Metricoid partner does not indicate that you employ a custom software development firm, but you are paying for additional money in return and more crucial time.

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Modernize and automate systems and processes, build and launch new products faster and optimize development costs.

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Moving to the cloud? Become an industry leader with a cost-effective and highly scalable SaaS solution.

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Are you planning to establish a business? With an economically built Minimum Viable Product, you can validate your idea while also reducing expenses.

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Through streamlined, high-quality, and data-driven software applications, our product development services help you uncover commercial potential.

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With next-generation Progressive web app development, you can satisfy your users and enhance conversions. We combine the power of PWA technology with our experience to provide a feature-rich solution.

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Unique REST API services and solutions are provided by our professional coders to make online and mobile apps more dynamic and user-friendly.

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A user-friendly online and mobile app that blends a gorgeous interface with an efficient user experience.


Clients have direct access to new insights and more intelligent choices thanks to BI services and AI-enabled living dashboards.

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Automate data cleansing and harmonization to feed machine learning models and take advantage of ever-changing data sources.

Metricoid’s unique Software Development Process

Custom Software development process by metricoid

Roadmap layout, short- and long-term requirements, and third-party integration.


Objectives of the company, Research methods, Structure, and Content.


Well-structured, efficient, and appealing to the eye.


Client approval is required. Front End and Back End Development have been transformed into a working model.


QA, end-to-end validating, security patches, testing rounds.


Client feedback analysis, new requirements additions, SEO, and redesign

Our advanced procedures for custom software development

Web and app development is done in an agile scrum methodology by our team. Every project undergoes changes on a regular basis. The scrum process is used by developers to manage the inevitable change that occurs during the project. We ensure that regular communications and updates from scrum pave the way for you to achieve your dream product.

Agile Methodology for custom software development

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We don’t ask for any upfront payment.

Our services are cost-effective. Don’t be concerned! Just Contact Us.

We provide FREE consulting services as many times you want. We also help you with FREE marketing strategies so that you can grow your business.

We develop the software considering tomorrow’s usages.

We have a 100% job success score  with 94% client retention rate.

An expert group of professionals with over 12 years of experience in designing digital solutions with cutting edge technologies.

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