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Metricoid Technology is an established custom software development company with a focus on the selfless digital transformation of businesses.
With a team of over 14 years of expertise, we specialize in developing innovative products and services that ensure absolute business growth solutions.
As a leader in the software development industry, Metricoid is committed to not just delivering outstanding web development, mobile App development, APIs, Data Analytics, AI, and UI/UX related solutions, but most importantly taking our clients by the hand and journeying with them all through till they attain sustainable business growth.
We’ve delivered our specialized services to over 80+ enterprises across numerous countries in the world, and look forward to giving you a taste of it.

What we offer?

At Metricoid, We understand the place of ensuring you stay ahead of competitors, so we always develop and implement custom software solutions tailor-made for your brand, department, or project. 

With our multi-disciplined team of developers, strong emphasis is placed on production time and you are guaranteed an incredibly cost-effective solution.

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Modernize and automate systems and processes, build and launch new products faster and optimize development costs.

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Moving to the cloud? Become an industry leader with a cost-effective and highly scalable SaaS solution.

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Are you planning to establish a business? With an economically built Minimum Viable Product, you can validate your idea while also reducing expenses.

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Custom Product Development Through streamlined, high-quality, and data-driven software applications, our product development services help you uncover commercial potential.

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With next-generation Progressive web app development, you can satisfy your users and enhance conversions. We combine the power of PWA technology with our experience to provide a feature-rich solution.

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API Integration & Development Unique REST API services and solutions are provided by our professional coders to make online and mobile apps more dynamic and user-friendly.

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A user-friendly online and mobile app that blends a gorgeous interface with an efficient user experience.


Clients have direct access to new insights and more intelligent choices thanks to BI services and AI-enabled living dashboards.

IPaas Product Development

We are a team of dedicated experts for custom IPaaS Product Development that can help you accelerate your company’s goals, whether it be to build robust and secured solutions or upgrade your on-premise product without making any sacrifices in your time-to-market.

Metricoid’s unique Software Development Process

Custom Software development process by metricoid

Roadmap layout, short- and long-term requirements, and third-party integration.


Objectives of the company, Research methods, Structure, and Content.


Well-structured, efficient, and appealing to the eye.


Client approval is required. Front End and Back End Development have been transformed into a working model.


QA, end-to-end validating, security patches, testing rounds.


Client feedback analysis, new requirements additions, SEO, and redesign

Our advanced procedures for custom software development

Metricoid has earned a reputation for providing quality-centric custom software development. We architect software solutions that are customer-centric and purpose-driven, this is because our web and app development is done in an agile scrum methodology. We ensure that regular communications and updates from scrum pave the way for you to achieve your dream product

Agile Methodology for custom software development

Need software development related services? Don’t look elsewhere

Our services are incredibly cost-effective and we lay emphasis on production time.

It’s more of us making sure every business that works with us thrive excellently, this is because we understand that when you succeed, we as your dev partner succeeds as well.

We are an expert group of professionals with over 12 years experience in crafting digital solutions with cutting edge technologies.

We work ëfficiently with our clients, aligning ëffectively with each project specificity

We have a proven record of great success stories as we’ve worked with clients ranging from SMBs to highly established companies.

We provide FREE consulting services as many times you want. We also help with FREE marketing strategies.

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